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How to remove phone number from eMessage


How to remove phone number from eMessage

I replaced my iphone 5 to Galaxy S4 and it now has the phone number. The new phone receives the calla and text, but not apple emessages. I have tries the ##UPDATE# method but the update fails, probably because the phone is not activated. Anyone know of a way to remove or change the iphone so it will not get messages? I plan on using the phone as an ipod until I sell it.



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Re: How to remove phone number from eMessage

Are you talking about iMessage?  iMessaging is an Apple to Apple (iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad, Mac) messaging protocol.  That is to say, it only works between Apple devices.  You can't send (or receive) an iMessage from an Android device.

SMS/MMS messaging (i.e., texting) is a messaging protocol which uses your phone number and your cell phone provider. If you don't have the iPhone activated on Sprint, you cannot text without a separate app (e.g., Text Free, in the App Store) and Wi-Fi.

An Apple device is iMessaging when the dialog bubbles are blue.  An Apple device is SMS/MMS text messaging when the dialog boxes are green.

EDIT:  To use iMessage on your disconnected iPhone 5, you'll also need to specify your Apple ID (usually an email address) instead of the phone number.  See Settings > Messages > Send & Receive > check mark your Apple ID.

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Re: How to remove phone number from eMessage

Thanks for your response, everything you said was true, and I was aware of them.

The issue is that when I swapped my new phone for the iphone, the iphone "held" on to the number in the messaging app. It would receive any Apple Messages sent, while the new phone would receive and SMS/MMS message.

After 30 hours it has cleared up, without any action by me. I suspect it took awhile for the ipone to completed deactivate.


Re: How to remove phone number from eMessage


seeblue1 provided some helpful information that may explain why you were still receiving iMessages on your deactivated iPhone 5. If your Apple ID was still attached, you may have either been connected to WiFi or the data connection was not completely deactivated. I suggest resetting your device and network settings if this continues.


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