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Iphone 5 service Problems?


Iphone 5 service Problems?

Well I received my 32GB Iphone 5 on 9/21 at 3pm ET and ever since then I have been having problems with the service. I live in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area and between 2 countys I am getting 1 bar with data speeds slower than edge speed or full bars or 1 or 2 bars missing with a circle for the data speed and it cuts off a lot between 3G and the circle (no data) a lot, and because of that Imessage is not working right so I can't see when someone types messages to me or reads my messages, Siri keeps messing up a lot because of data speeds and it keeps getting disconnected, reminders cannot remind me of any reminders via location, and Facebook and Instagram always seem to load way slower then edge speeds. I had called sprint a few times about this and they cannot seem to help me out on the phone and for no reason once some rep put me on hold for about 7 minutes for what he said was to look up more info about the problem, but without notice he transferred me to a supervisor witch I was on the phone with less than 2 minutes and we hung up and got nowhere, then another time I was transferred to another department and I had to repeat my story as I did to the 1st rep just for them not to know anything and we hung up and all I did was go in the circles. I am starting to get fed up because basically I am getting no help with my phone and it is not working and in the state the phone/service is in the phone is pretty much unless. Is any one else in Florida and any where else in the United States havinf problems like mine or any service problems at all let me know please. Also, I would like an answer on what to do to fix this asap? please and thanks before I end up loosing it with sprint.

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For those that are having problems with signal or even data speed I will recoment you update the profile by doing the following to see if it helps.

Perform Network Update:

  1. Tap Phone
  2. Tap Key Pad if necessary. Enter ##873283# then tap Dial
  3. When Starting Service Update screen appears, tap OK
  4. When Service Update Complete appears, tap OK
  5. The Radio will reset. 
  6. When Sprint displays, the iPhone update has completed.

Here is a step by step instruction with picture on how to do it http://support.sprint.com/support/tutorial/Update_the_Data_Profile_IPHONE_4S_16GB/25219-1390-3?quest...


##UPDATE# does not work.  Tried both phones.  Still slightly faster than dial up.  Going back to AT&T.


DanClarkII that would be the best option. For those that ##873283# does not improve there signal or data speed have two option.

Option 1. Before your 14 day trial is over go back to the carrier you were before or chose a different carrier. (Recommended if you can not stand the service)

Option 2. Check https://network.sprint.com for upgrade coming to your areas and wait till Sprint Network Vision arrives in your area. 100 cities are currently work in progress and will be finish in the coming month check http://community.sprint.com/baw/community/sprintblogs/announcements/blog/2012/09/10/sprint-4g-lte-av...

What is Sprint Network Vision? here is the best explanation http://www.extremetech.com/mobile/129198-network-vision-sprints-path-to-domination but overall with network vision you will see less drop call, faster 3g speeds, and better coverage.


It makes no since man i am a loyal Sprint customer show is constantly looking to make excuses for them and this slow network. Really i dont understand it. Every phone ive gotten has had some type of network issue. iPhone 5, Iphone 4s, Iphone 4, even my HTC Hero was horrible on data speeds, i mean come one. Something has to change and its not the reps fault. I had great 3g service here in Boston for the first 2 days of the iphone 5 release now this. The rep was super supportive but it not just us please look at the other posts. http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?s=af1f73dbb896deec524e7a2577c8287e&p=15839637#post1583963...


Pissed off 3 year Sprint Customer ready to move the hell on to another company! Please Sprint dont think its just me its all of us who are Pissed off


I'm in Ft. Lauderdale too, and am experiencing the same thing. I had between 3-5 bars of 3G on launch day at home, now I have 0-1 bar at home. 😞 I hope LTE comes soon!!! 😞


There is another discussion with a similar theme - how much it sucks to have a brand new iPhone 5 that is useless on this network:

There I recount the tale of how me and my spouse received the same phone (black 32GB iPhone 5s) and how one works fine and the other sucks (always on Sprint's "Extended" network or the "o" and NEVER gets to 3G connection). We exchanged that phone for, apparently, another phone that can't get a 3G connection. I have talked with 3 Sprint reps, spent over an hour on the phone with them, have done the service updates, have reset my phone 3 times, have exchanged it, have done a dance and sacrifice ritual to the network gods, to no avail.

The one thing I can say - everyone I've dealt with has been pleasant. And none of them doubt that I'm having issues and seem genuine in trying to fix my problem.

Chicago has 10 days to get their 4G LTE network running so I can determine if I am staying with them or not.


LTE is not coming until Novermber and that is just a beta/testing version so it will be slower then the final version of LTE and it won't be final untill February 2013


This Data problem is not related to Sprint it must me something todo with the iPhone 5 SIM card or something.

I been with Sprint for 12 years and owned about every phone they have had.

I have a Blackberry, an HTC EVO, a iPhone 4s and all of them are working fine for voice and data.

On friday i activated an iPhone 5 for a friend and her data has not been working, it keeps switching from 3G to 0(1x) and it just doesnt work.

Sprint Tech Support has been telling to do soft resets, hard resets, update PRL and none of that works.

Today i activated another iPhone 5 for a relative in my account that upgraded from the EVO and as expected the data on the 5 is having the same problem. I already did a Restore in itunes as told by sprint and it didnt work. I have another friend that got hers on friday and she told me that she is having the same problem.

Next step is to go to the Apple Store see what they can do, or to return the iPhones before the 14 days to avoid getting into another 2 year contract.

I will be posting on HowardForums to see if anyone else is having this problem.


It's not just on the iphone 5.  I have the 4S and have the SAME EXACT PROBLEM.

It hasn't always been this bad, and it's totally dependent upon location.

This is a response I received earlier from a representative or moderator (whatever...) explaining why the service is so slow, and when I can expect it to get better.  This was posted by the user 3020fjr2

Sep 22, 2012 1:48 PM (in response to ericeharrington) Re: Slow Data Speed

Sprint 3g network is pretty congested in some part. Sprint is currently doing minor upgrades to its current 3g network which you can see at www.sprint.com/network with that said as Sprint Network Vision continues to expand you will see a dramatic improvement in 3g speed while also get 4g lte. Network Vision is a project Sprint announce in late 2010 which will install brand new network that is future prove in all of Sprint network with faster backhaul to each site this should be completed by end of 2013.

Needless to say, 2 months prior to my contract ending, was not the result I was hoping to hear.  Really hope they can fix this before the end of 2013.

It's not an apple issue, or iphone, as everyone at my work with Verizon's service, seems to be doing just fine.


Your probably having a different problem if yours depends on location.

But the one I'm talking about is just for iPhone 5 and/or new activations.

Other phones currently active are not being affected.

Believe me i know what I'm talking about, I been an active user/member of HowardForums and other websites for years. This weekend i went from Redwood City to San Jose and from there to Fremont.

Now Im in my office in Burlingame and the 5's data doesnt work. PRL updates fail most of the time but even if they complete doesnt help. Coworkers have the 4 and 4s and their 3G is working fine.


These are pics I just took to show you. the 1st pic this is the speed I get in my house, and where my house is sprint clames I am in an "exceptional" coverage area that I should get full bars and very good data speeds. Also, my old company had full bars in my house while sprint has this speed with 2 bars and "exstended" and the "o". The second pic is in the same area like 3 min away from my house(that I just took it as well) when I went to CVS Pharmacy and was standing out side of it to do the speed test, and you can see I get full bars but the speed as you can see is byond poor and theses speeds are pretty much consistent every where i go in 2 full county's worth(Miami-Dade and Broward County Florida).



my speeds are just as pathetic!  my brother with iphone 5 on verizon LTE is getting 28mbps down and 18mbps up...insane!

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