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Iphone 5 service Problems?


Iphone 5 service Problems?

Well I received my 32GB Iphone 5 on 9/21 at 3pm ET and ever since then I have been having problems with the service. I live in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area and between 2 countys I am getting 1 bar with data speeds slower than edge speed or full bars or 1 or 2 bars missing with a circle for the data speed and it cuts off a lot between 3G and the circle (no data) a lot, and because of that Imessage is not working right so I can't see when someone types messages to me or reads my messages, Siri keeps messing up a lot because of data speeds and it keeps getting disconnected, reminders cannot remind me of any reminders via location, and Facebook and Instagram always seem to load way slower then edge speeds. I had called sprint a few times about this and they cannot seem to help me out on the phone and for no reason once some rep put me on hold for about 7 minutes for what he said was to look up more info about the problem, but without notice he transferred me to a supervisor witch I was on the phone with less than 2 minutes and we hung up and got nowhere, then another time I was transferred to another department and I had to repeat my story as I did to the 1st rep just for them not to know anything and we hung up and all I did was go in the circles. I am starting to get fed up because basically I am getting no help with my phone and it is not working and in the state the phone/service is in the phone is pretty much unless. Is any one else in Florida and any where else in the United States havinf problems like mine or any service problems at all let me know please. Also, I would like an answer on what to do to fix this asap? please and thanks before I end up loosing it with sprint.

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In my case i bought mine from the apple store .. im wondering what i should do.. go to sprint with my old nexus reactivate that one then go to the apple store and return the iphone.. what happen with my upgrade do my account get the upgrade again?


this is just flat out wrong that Sprint is doing this to there customers, I just hope the sprint executives take a look at my post and post likes these and do something about it asap because they are going to end up loosing a lot of angy customers. Also, I am just wondering if any one has an Iphone 5 and your area just got lte? if so how is the lte on the Iphone? I want to know because if it got better with lte for you then I'm going to stick around and wait for lte to come to my area.


If the ##update## doesn't work the first time, try making sure your are connected to a Wifi network. My first attempt at the ##update## failed before I connected to Wifi, so it may be worth a shot...


It actually resolved my slow 3G issue. I was getting 0.03 Mbps and after the update I'm getting 1.5 Mbps.


hummm weird....... is fix after i spoke with sprint via chat... here is the chat..

Chat ID: 733330703969023288

Customer Name:xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
EMAIL: xxxxxxxxxxx
Phone Number: xxxxxxxxx
Chat Reason: I was wondering why under my sprint web page if i go to detailed usage and i go to data/others there is no data since 9/21
Passcode: xxxxx

Kavin G: All agents are currently busy, please hold while we estimate your wait time.

Kavin G: Thank you for waiting, you're in our Chat queue in position 1. We will connect you to a specialist soon.

Kavin G: Thank you for waiting, you're in our Chat queue in position 1. We will connect you to a specialist soon.

Kavin G: Thank you for waiting, you're in our Chat queue in position 1. We will connect you to a specialist soon.

Kavin G: Thank you for waiting, you're in our Chat queue in position 1. We will connect you to a specialist soon.

Kavin G: Let's move this chat and make it a window of its own. It will enable you to view other Web pages while we chat.

Simply click the white Yes button below now.#

Kavin G: Moving this chat window helps ensure our chat remains active even if you move to a different page on the website. Please click on the white Yes button below now.

Kavin G: Thanks for moving the chat window.

Kavin G: Can you please provide a little more clarification on your question?

Customer: im under my sprint account on the website.

Customer: if i go to detail usage

Customer: under my phone xxxxxxxxxx

Customer: and fron there i select data/others detail

Customer: its show me this

Customer: Sprint 3G Data - 09/21 to current (xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)
1KB / Unlimited

Customer: so since 9/21 i have not use 3g data?

Customer: before 9/21

Customer: Sprint 3G Data - 09/13 to 09/21 (xxxxxxxxxxx)
268,261KB / Unlimited

Kavin G: Please allow me a few moments.

Customer: i want to now how much 3g data i have used since 9/21

Kavin G: Thank you for your patience, I will have the information shortly.

Kavin G: Thank you for waiting.

Kavin G: Please confirm, are you using the data services on roaming?

Customer: yup is activate but... since 9/21 it also says 0

Customer: Sprint 3G Data Roaming - 09/21 to current (xxxxxxxxxxxxxx)
0KB / Unlimited

Customer: before 9/21

Customer: Sprint 4G Data - 09/13 to 09/21 (xxxxxxxxxxxxxx)
43,499KB / Unlimited

Kavin G: Elvis, if you are using the data services in roaming then it will take time to get update on account.

Kavin G: Be assured, your plan includes unlimited data and you will not charge anything for using the data services.

Customer: Well again why there is o on the sprint data transfer since 9/21 and how much data i have consume since 9/21

Customer: that is my question

Kavin G: Are you concerned for the line xxx-xxx-xxx?

Customer: yup

Kavin G: I went through your account details and verified there is no such data were used 09/21.

Kavin G: *after 09/21.

Customer: rigth.. but i been surfing the web and watching videos... i work right across a sprint store on NYC.. so i not roaming.. im on sprint network

Kavin G: Due to our system delay, usage is not updated on your account yet.

Kavin G: You can be assured, there will be no charges on next bill for the data usage.

Customer: hummm do you have any time frame on when this will get updated? i know there will be no charge.. the problem is that the iphone 5 on 3g is slower than a dial up modem... so i was going to the store tomorrow to return the phone.

Kavin G: It should update within 24 to 48 hours. As you are facing issues with the data speed therefore, I am refreshing the services on your phone.

Kavin G: Please turn off your phone and let me know once done.

Kavin G: This refresh should fix the issue.

Customer: yup is slower than my nexus s 4g

Customer: let hope i been doing speed test all afternoon

Kavin G: Is your iPhone off now?

Customer: nopew

Kavin G: Please confirm, once your phone is off.

Customer: is off

Kavin G: Thanks.

Kavin G: Thanks for your time and patience.

Kavin G: I have reconfigured the phone services and refreshed the device remotely for you.

Kavin G: Please turn on your iPhone now.

Customer: ok

Customer: its turning

Kavin G: Okay.

Kavin G: Once your phone is back on, please try to access the data and share the status with me.

Customer: lol now its worst it says no service... wait.. is back on to 3g

Customer: let me see

Kavin G: Okay.

Kavin G: Is it working now?

Customer: mm it went up a little now is 44.1kb/s down and 68 kb/s ... but you cant compare that with any of the other 3g carriers network... that is like dial up modem that is 56.6 kb/s im still doing test

Kavin G: Elvis, as we just reconfigured the phone services therefore, it may take sometime to get provisioned completely.

Kavin G: Be assured, it should be fix.

Customer: ok dont worry thatnk for the help if by tomorrow afternoon still the same i will stop by the sprint store close to the office

Kavin G: Sure. I am adding the detailed note on your account.

Kavin G: Is there anything else I can assist you with today?

Customer: nope

Customer: thanks.!

Kavin G: Thank you for choosing Sprint. We appreciate your business. You?ll receive an email transcript of our chat within a couple of hours.

Kavin G: It's been such a wonderful assisting to a valuable and understanding customer like you. Have a great time!!!

After i woke up this morning it was fix and now on my sprint page look like there is 3g data on the usage page... .. go figure...



sprint is up to some weird stuff, I can feel it, I just hope its just a problem with the Iphone 5 with getting your useage on your bill at normal speeds and the data and voice problems we are having. Also, I think they are going to fix all the issues but they just don't want to announce the problem. Also, one of my friends has an Android phone on sprint and lives like 5 mintues from me and he just told me be for the Iphone launch and after the launch his phone was working normal and he says his data and bars are very good and don't go in and out or slow like us Iphone 5 owners.



Thanks for the suggestion. Tried it and things are a bit better, not good or great but better. Yesterday I was getting .04Mbps down and uploads would not complete on a speed test. After doing what you mentioned I am at least getting .4-.5 down and .8 - 1.0 uploads on 3G. So things are slow but somewhat usable.


Can you please check the usge on your sprint web ???


9/21 - current

3G usage - 114,803 KB

3G roaming - 0 KB

4G  - 0 KB


yes when I look it is there, but it shows up way more then I really used it and the reason I say that is because the data is so bad that it does not even work 99.9% of the time in 2 full counties. By the way this is usage it says



So I also did the chat with the service rep and she "reconfigured the phone services" on her end. However, I unfortunately did not see any improvement in my data speeds. I have made an appointment at the Apple Store for this afternoon to see if they can provide any further info. 9 days left until the 14 day return period is up... I really hope they figure this out.

Just a quick recap of the problems I have been experiencing:

Data speeds are extremely inconsistent, especially upload. Either the upoad portion of Speedtest doesn't finish, I get a 0.00 or occassionaly I get 0.10Mbps. Because of this ridiculous upload data connection, i have dozens of failed text messages and emails take forever to send (or simply don't send). I have tried the ##UPDATE#, tried resetting all network settings on the phone, tried it without a SIM card installed -- nothing makes it better for more than a few minutes. I can safely rule out a wholesale Sprint network issue because a friend of mine has an Evo and we've run speedtests side by side dozens of times and his is perfect and consistent while mine fails or operates at extremely handicapped speeds. Also, for the record my wife has a new iPhone 5 on Sprint and has the exact same issues. Seems to be impacting calls for her as well, as she dropped 4 the other day on I-95 just north of Boston, MA with 4-5 bars of coverage. I have not made any calls to comment on my call performance.

Attached an image of my speedtest results from Back Bay in Boston with 4 bars of service. To humor myself I sent the email with the screenshot over the 3g network and it took a whopping 11 minutes to send (the image size is 327k). Completely useless and an embarrassement for Sprint if they don't admit an issue exists. image (1).png


So I went to the Genius Bar at the Apple Store on Boylston. They are pretty confident it's not a problem with the phone or the Sprint network, but rather a software issue from restoring from a backup that not only dates back to my original iphone 3G but also to the AT&T GSM network. I have not been able to restore iOS 6 and setup the phone as new yet, but I will when I get home tonight. It sounds like a plausible solution though, especially since I came from AT&T, so I have high hopes that this will resolve it. If it doesn't, they said they will get me a new phone -- and if the problem continues to persist after that I will terminate my Sprint agreement and move elsewhere. I'll update tonight/tomorrow with any changes (good or bad).


@bscott1280 I too went to the Apple Store, they did a full DFU restore of iOS6 and set up the phone as new, no restore from iCloud.  The error message still came when trying to connect to 3G. This happened with the replacement phone they exchanged for me as well.

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