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Iphone 5 service Problems?


Iphone 5 service Problems?

Well I received my 32GB Iphone 5 on 9/21 at 3pm ET and ever since then I have been having problems with the service. I live in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area and between 2 countys I am getting 1 bar with data speeds slower than edge speed or full bars or 1 or 2 bars missing with a circle for the data speed and it cuts off a lot between 3G and the circle (no data) a lot, and because of that Imessage is not working right so I can't see when someone types messages to me or reads my messages, Siri keeps messing up a lot because of data speeds and it keeps getting disconnected, reminders cannot remind me of any reminders via location, and Facebook and Instagram always seem to load way slower then edge speeds. I had called sprint a few times about this and they cannot seem to help me out on the phone and for no reason once some rep put me on hold for about 7 minutes for what he said was to look up more info about the problem, but without notice he transferred me to a supervisor witch I was on the phone with less than 2 minutes and we hung up and got nowhere, then another time I was transferred to another department and I had to repeat my story as I did to the 1st rep just for them not to know anything and we hung up and all I did was go in the circles. I am starting to get fed up because basically I am getting no help with my phone and it is not working and in the state the phone/service is in the phone is pretty much unless. Is any one else in Florida and any where else in the United States havinf problems like mine or any service problems at all let me know please. Also, I would like an answer on what to do to fix this asap? please and thanks before I end up loosing it with sprint.

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ufff almost 1 hour after I started... well I did the change via phone to my old nexus s at the end the automated system send me to a support person to finalize the change..... after that.. i place the call again and activate the iphone.... after entering the MEID.. i did ask me to check the ICCID but the one they had on system was the same.. i did not care so i enter mine... after that again it send my call to a support person to finish the activation... i finish and i was able to place the a test call. i hang up to find out that i didn't had Internet...


so again i call support after 20 minutes and the famous ##update# i was able to use the internet from the phone

3g still suck

here is what i found interesting... while on the bus today i was able to get good 3g speed


But a few block later it was bad again


So it could be 2 things or sprint tower need a update to manage the iphone new chipset or their backhaul really suck in some areas...


how is the Sprint LTE with the iPhone? I would like to know because I have no other choice but to wait till LTE comes to Miami/Ft Lauderdale because I can't go back to my old my company Tmobile because I already canceled my service and I can't go to another iPhone company right now because as we all know the phone is on back order and I can't afford to be with out a phone until they come in.


Exactly how it's been for me... It's their towers

Most inconsistent service I've ever had. Even my old tmobile got better service

It's feast or famine... 10mbps at work and .10 at home


In california you have 30 days to go back. Sprint was begging me to come back from Verizon. They suggest I try the galaxy S3. Pretty much I told them no way.

If you reset the iPhone 5 the speeds are ok, but you will have to reset the phone every time you goto a new tower.

I recommend everybody to goto Verizon. I'm averaging 15-20mbs. G


Absolute awful experience between Apple & Sprint. I hung up after 45 minutes and then got a call back from someone who said he was technical support who said the call was transferred to him and 'why did I hang up so rudely'. 

Already 3 Iphone 5's in less than a week

Anyway Iphone #1 -- barely any service even when it was showing Sprint 3g

exchanged for Iphone #2 -- stopped charging and wouldn't power on or work after two days

exchanged for Iphone #3 -- Was sold a GSM phone (has a slot for sim card) for AT&T that is useless on the sprint network. Calling sprint and being told -- it is activating just need to update your account then transferred and getting a call back from some confrontational, combative 'tech'


Yes, I actually might agree with Marh here. Verizon ask for a sim# on activation. I can't believe Sprint reps are so clueless. O'well, its too late for me to try. I'm staying with Verizon.


marh7234 - What city are you from?


Ok is just capacity on their 3g towers.. check this..

Last nigth  from my desk at my house...


This morning from the same spot...



@tina Chicago. An yes folks sprint has no clue, the mention of a SIM card with several people was a laughable laughable topic.  I got a . " sir our phones don't use sims that can't be an issue." Well hopefully the actually read this forum and get a clue.  Funny I have not seen any little sprint logo rep chiming in as the normally do.  Embarrassed maybe??!! I'm being sarcastic cause I was on a wild goose chase for 72 hours. That's a failure in communication as a company.  How do you not know every aspect of your main product??


Repost again for people getting could not activate service pop up:

Alright guys I resolved my own issue called sprint to activate my old iPhone 4S back on the account.  It let you put all meid info in.  Then I called back the problem is that sprint is not aware that lte uses SIM cards.   The automated system when I called back to re activate my iphone 5 gave me a message asking did my icc Id# match the phone this is found right above your meid.  ( iccid= SIM card #) the system tries to confirm the # but it was different from what showed on my handset.  System ask if correct press 1 of in correct press 2.  I pressed 2 and entered in the correct #.  Booooom!!! No more pop up an I have lte.   Every time you swap the iPhone 5 they have to list the correct sim #.  The reps don't even know this.  Don't take back the phone update the sim #.  I assure you this will work.  Like this information so it can be passed along.  Took me 4 days and I am an iPhone expert.  Lol good luck!!! 🙂 thanks for nothing Sprint.


This is my fourth iPhone in less than one week of the launch and this iPhone happened to be worst one of all, it's so bad majority of the time the "o" is showing on the phone, and on the speed test it can't even do the speed test because the signal/connection is so bad that the speed ticker on the speed test app stays at the bottom at the beginning and doesn't even move at all for the ping, download or upload with the "o" or 3G. Also, may be this is why Sprint is not fixing the problem because every time I call Sprint they keep saying I am the only person in the whole USA with a Sprint iPhone 5 that is having this problem and I keep telling them no I'm not the only one with these issues it is been reported by 2 other people in my area on this same post on the community fourms and by a lot of other people all across the nation with the same issues so may be you should look at the bigger picture not the smaller one here, and they always say well we can only help you to fix my problem and then after they say that I keep stressing to them again the same thing it not only my problem it is the nation's problem and the next thing they tell me is the 14 day thing about leaving and I tell them I do not want to cancel, I am not looking for money back on my account, or anything else I just want my service working the way you say it will and how Sprint clames that PC World said that Sprints 3G is faster then AT&T and Verizon 3G and that even though Sprints LTE is not in a lot of places where it is now and when it comes to you it will be faster then AT&T and Verizon LTE Sprint clames PC World Said this and just for that I have grounds for a lawsuite, witch I may end up doing just for them to either fix the problem or for them to stop claming that you have unlimited data with no throttling, when you throttle from the getgo because you speeds are less then 1995 56K and you can't do anything with the phone only once in a very blue moon I can make a call with out choppiness or with out it having the call dropped.


they did the same thing with me but they put in a dummy phone on there end while they where doing it and when they wanted to remove the dummy phone to put my iPhone back on the account they could not do it and they hung up with me with the dummy phone on the account, but when I spoke to some else later they said the iPhone 5 was on it not the other phone used for the dummy

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