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No Data in Chicago Loop - Financial District


No Data in Chicago Loop - Financial District

I got my iPhone 5 back in September, I've numerous conversations and chats with Sprint in regards to my iPhone being nothing but a paperweight while at my office.  They asked me to reset settings, etc but that has never helped.  I've gone to the Apple Store and they point me back to Sprint.  I was told that one of the towers was down but that it was going to be fixed by the middle of February.  Well here we are in May and my iPhone is completely useless.  No data connection whatsoever!  When I do get 3G, its BEYOND slow and most of the time it never even works.  I cant receive MMS, cant send them, cant send imessages, and cant send group messages.  A lot of the times my phone never rings when people try to call me and out of the blue I have a voicemail.  I've actually tried calling my iPhone from my work landline and it never rings!  I've been a loyal client for YEARS but I am beyond fed up.  What the heck is going on?!  You can claim to be the only network that does unlimited data and charge me an extra 10 bucks yet I can never use it!  Come on Sprint, FIX THIS!

My work address is:

111 W. Monroe

Chicago, IL 60603

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