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Sprint Cellular Data Not Activated, ITS OBVIOUSLY AN ISSUE SPRINT.


Sprint Cellular Data Not Activated, ITS OBVIOUSLY AN ISSUE SPRINT.

I have been checking these forums out for the past month about this same exact issue, quite ridiculous. I obtained this problem due to my first iPhone 5 having a loose charging port, which caused the phone to not keep a proper charge. Went to Apple, they replaced it the next day (but only after having to complain to corporate through an email, which I had due to a prior Apple issue). The phone did not activate til at least an hour after me and the Apple guy called Sprint to activate the replacement iPhone 5. I left the store as soon as my texting and calling worked... little did I know, the data would never ever fully activate. And also, this replacement phone makes noise when shaken due to a 'loose' part in the phone (which is also a known issue for some iPhone 5's). I just can't win.

3-4 weeks pass... I visited these messages boards pretty frequently, and with all of the negative responses from all of the 'tries' customers have been doing to fix this problem, I never got the motivation (or time to set aside) to try and tackle this SPRINT and APPLE problem. After countless restores done in all of the methods, I finally called last week.

But side note, during those 4 weeks, I went on vacation to the Bay Area of California. I would 'randomly' get LTE (most notably in the Ikea in East Palo Alto, and some areas of Fremont, CA) and it was amazing!!! Oh my God! This is what gave me hope with this iPhone 5, I decided I will 'suffer' for the next few months (but even thats not guaranteed that 4G will be here before 2013). I had to drive around the Bay Area with no working GPS, very difficult and quite a nuissance. I was able to 'bootleg' it by loading up the specified route while on WiFi and keeping it in route til I start driving. Once the GPS is activated from wifi, the routing will still work with no 3G. I couldn't even complain about the Apple Maps due to it being a hassle to use the actual App!!!

But anyway, I got on a conference call with with both an Apple rep and Sprint... ended up being hung up on after an hour on the phone. I supposedly spoke to a Sprint rep also. Me and the Apple rep laughed to each other and I tolder her I'm giving up and thanked her for all of her help. I knew it was not the phone's fault, but behind the scenes networking problem.

This morning I decided to try again, I called and spoke to a Sprint person. One of the first things I said was "Ma'am, I have work an hour and don't want to be late. I'm telling you now I do not want to waste 30 minutes doing basic resets and troubleshooting with my phone.I need to have this advanced to the engineers or speak with a senior rep to find a solution asap"

I felt like she ignored me... and somehow she got me to restore my phone (with me knowing this is a HUGE waste of time), we completed the reset. And about 40mins later, I was able to speak to a rep. RIDICULOUS. I was late for work this morning, but I guess for a good cause. A work ticket has been opened (which should have been done last week, I asked repeatedly for them to send my problem to the engineers), I should be receiving a call 12-72 hours with an update.

My fingers will be crossed all weekend.

I must be compensated in some way for this suffering. I have used a whooping 29,000kb data this past month. Just awesome.

And we have been with Sprint since the 90s...

I also find it so funny that actual Sprint employees on these boards are giving BS answers and knowingly suggesting ways to fix the problem when obviously they wont. This issue regards the actual linking of the data profile from sprint and apple to the actual phone, how does this get messed up?!?!? Seems pretty basic in my opinion!!!!!!!!!!! I may be complaing way too late... but oh well.

Ahhhhh. If I don't have a credit on the next bill......................

I can't believe the amount of time wasted due to this problem, this has to affect Sprint negatively in some kind of way, hopefully this problem escalates? So they will take notice?

I have no clue how many people have this problem.

It's a pain restoring 60+ apps every time too, and my contacts aren't as neat as I want them, so just creating a huge mess for me all around.


Guess what??? I called this morning just to check up on my work ticket (72 hours have past), all I wanted was a simple update... it took the first sprint worker 45 minutes to come to the conclusion that a work ticket was either incorrectly placed or not done at all... WHAT IN THE WORLD?!?!? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!

Why couldnt she figure this out within the first 5-10 mins of our call? I do not know why. (remember guys, I have been hung up IN MY FACE by sprint on a previous call, and LIED to that a work ticket was activated to resolve my issue)....

Sprint did however, credit me back a month very quickly, but with that being done, HOW DO YOU MISS THE ACTUAL PROCESS OF FIXING THE PROBLEM??????

obviously they acknowledged the issue but failed to correct it, they didn't do a single thing in order to help with my issue.


Oh my Lord.

I have wasted over 5 hours on the phone with sprint. 5 hours of no progress whatsoever. These calls have caused me to be late for work and class, while also having to skip breakfast and even a shower. Thanks Sprint. You guys rock.

Has anyone ever had a phone call to Sprint that was under the 15 minute mark? Oh you have??? What was it?.... oh... because u had to pay a bill. Oh of course, theyll do that in 24 seconds

I can't believe this mark hopped in my thread with that weak basic non working troubleshoot 'fix'... are u kidding me?? seriously bro? You will just cause an additional waste of time to everyone. Very rude.

The 14th reset is not the 'special' one that will fix the data issue.


Do you have a ticket number so that I can check the status?


I now have a direct line to a tech guy for the iPhone with Sprint, he has not answered though for the last 15mins, but promised me he would be available around 1. Sigh. I will continue to call every couple mins. This is so fun. Hopefully he will do something new.... but man, if 1PM was the time you wanted to eat lunch, you should have told me.... We are going to start this process of my work ticket on a very, very bad foot.

... four and a half years ago I was a senior in high school, using my phone in class to watch youtube videos (study hall class, dont worry). But man... today, I rarely use my phone for Youtube videos, but!!! I do use it for work emails, school emails, personal emails, GPS... I HAVE SPOILED MYSELF WITH GPS ON SMART PHONES, this past month has been the worst (I was on vacation for a week in the Bay Area, NO GPS because of no data). I also use it for social media and have a strong rising interest in mobile markting and advertisingt. With no internet on my iPhone 5... I am disconnected. The internet has become a part of people's everyday lives (hang on gotta call sprint and see if they answer...) and as a consumer with Sprint (they didnt answer... wonderful), as a consumer with Sprint I should have the security of being able to load a simple webpage on my smartphone's browser. This has become pretty much the default for smartphones, if a person has a smartphone, most likely they have internet capabilities associated with that phone. I do, and havent been able to use that basic feature for over a month.

I also have class coming up in two hours, lets hope this call right now doesnt cause me to be late for that one. It shouldnt right? No way could I have another horrible experience with this.


Sorry I do not, I was lied to on Friday by a supervisor from Sprint stating my work ticket was set up, and told to wait 12-72 hours. I did, and called 3 days later... which was this morning. Either he did the work ticket completely wrong or he didnt do it at all. Either way, that is a huge issue. You guys need better management and customer service.

I was told to call at 1 to start the process, its now 1:30, and 12 calls later. Time is money right now. I drove home from school in between classes in order to make this call. Again, wasting my time Sprint.


Can you please send me your phone number via private message?


Seriously, we need to set-up a group call to Sprint and have them issue a response.



Its because of the "NAI Number". that needs to be reset! and can only be done by sprint!!!

thats it!!!

Once they do that, all you need to do is reset the phone!


This guy was awesome, I think James. He works in Dallas. James or Jefferey, not sure. But the supervisor is Charlene, and I would like to thank all of them and their patience.

Who rah.


I might have to keep my WiFi off for awhile and just enjoy my 3G data being able to work (not really though)

I am happy though, I give my thanks to James/Jefferey.


i dont know if this will help everyone but here is my story.

had my iphone 5 for a few weeks with no problems.  Went to the apple store after the 6.1.4 update smoked the battery life.  Girl at the apple store ran some "diagnostics" (sure) and said everything looked fine hardwarewise.  She said that doing a complete wipe and not restoring from any backups would fix the issues.  she wipes my phone and sets it up i walk out of the store (on their wifi) everything works fine.  Get home now on 3G and i get could not activate cellular network, you are not subscribed to a data plan....What!!! i call sprint spend 2 hrs on the phone with them, try the usual wiping restoring ##update# 200 times nothing works, sprint says oh you have to go back to the apple store they messed the phone up.

Next day after working a 16hr midnight i come home and restore the phone from my itunes using one of my backups from a few days before all this do a ##update# and back to normal.

From what ive read and seen first hand on this issue, biggest steps to follow are when u activate the phone wait for it to find a signal only activate it over the cellular network not the wifi sometimes you have to wait a few minutes to find it.  Next after you have the phone ready dont do the ##update# until you are connected to you WIFI.  I dont know exactly what happened but i will take some battery issues over no network.  Why noone at sprint (even though other carrier subscribers ahve had the same issues) or apple knows why this happens is beyond me.  Its gotta be something on the phones activation side because sprint refreshed my account, put it on a seasonal hold and removed,,dont know.

To those who started having this issues after swapping ur phone, Restore from itunes use a backup from before the swap, activate only over cellular, do ##update# over wifi.  Anyone with this problem from start try same, only activate over cellular, only do ##update# over wifi.

Good luck!

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