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Sprint and IPhone Service connections and compatibility.


Sprint and IPhone Service connections and compatibility.

I hear all these reports about IPhones and Sprint Service connections and reliability.  Sprint and IPhone suck together.  I have had 6 IPhones on one account and they all act the same with Sprint Service.  None of them are doing great.  It have been determined that there's something wrong with the capability with IPhones and Sprint.  Everything that other customers complain about is what we experience.  Currently, one Iphone has been changed to a Samsung Note.  Haven't had nearly the same issues with that connection.  Our Iphones have had full bar strength but our service continues to spin for connectivity to Sprint.  What does this mean?  It means Sprint and Apple need to get together and figure out who is at fault.  These phones have been changed out but it doesn't improve but only get worse.  This is obviously happening in different areas as reports from others have experienced.  I know, in different areas in Texas, it's bad.  We feel the need to get rid of all IPhones from our account or completely change services.  I know AT&T doesn't have issues with IPhones.  Compatibilty is the issue.  Sprint and Apple need to figure this out.


Which iPhones do you have, PSBishop?  I know that we're encouraging customers with older iPhones to change up for several reasons, the primary being that the older processors in those units are a little under powered for the needs of the latest versions of iOS.  I'd hate to see a good customer go and if you're enjoying that new Note, swapping out for newer phones might just solve your problem. Let us know, we're always happy to help. - Christy

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