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Status of iPhone5 Data Issues


Re: Status of iPhone5 Data Issues


Were you able to get ahold of Apple?  If so, what were the results?  I would be curious to find out what error messages (if any) you were receiving. 



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Re: Status of iPhone5 Data Issues

Fergie , we went to an apple store and of course they kept on insisting that it was a network issue until she checked the SIM card.. My network couldn't recognized the SIM card that was in my iphone5.  They gave me a new phone, a working SIM card and voila! No more network issues. I just wish sprint tech support would know more about this issue, instead of telling me in three different occasions that sprint is working/ updating towers in my area and that it would work soon! Lost time and waste service that I pay more than two hundred dollars a month.. Lose money.

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