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UICC card for iphone 5


UICC card for iphone 5

I recently went to the Apple store near my home and had my iphone 5 switched out for a new one b/c it crashed. I was lucky that it was under warranty and had it replaced for free. Unfortunately, my old UICC/Sim card remained with the old phone and the "genius" bar associate informed me that Sprint would give me a new one. I went to a few corporate/repair Sprint stores near my home and they a.) didn't have them in stock b.) directed me to contact Apple or call the retail sales line for Sprint and they can send me a new one. After talking to the Sprint sales rep on the phone, I was informed that they do not sale sim cards and I should try So, does anyone really know if I can purchase a UICC/Sim directly from Sprint? If so, how - as I would like to start using my iphone again.


Re: UICC card for iphone 5


Thanks for posting. We apologized that you're experiencing this issue with getting a replacement UICC SIM card. I will send you a private message to look into this for you.

Morris L.

Sprint Social Media Care

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