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Visual Voice Mail on IPhone 5


Visual Voice Mail on IPhone 5

Hello...Has anyone had this issue with their IPhone 5 (16G)? I  have had the phone for months with no problems, about 5 days ago, my voice mail stopped working properly.

I receive calls and once the person leaves a voice message, I cannot see it. When I go to the phone settings: voicemail prompt, I get a message "voicemail won't initialize"?

The only way I can retrieve my messages is when I dial into my cell # and put in my pass code. Whereas before I could see and hear the VM displayed in red in the VM prompt.

I am really annoyed , its very time consuming to get messages  going through my actual phone line.

Has this happened to anyone else with the IPhone 5 ? How was it resolved?

Thanks for any feedback on this matter.


Re: Visual Voice Mail on IPhone 5


Thank you for the post. Has this issue been constant since it started 5 days ago? Please try powering down the phone my pressing and holding the power key until it boots off then power back up and try again.

If this doesn't help please let me know and we can continue to trouble shoot.

Thank you,



Re: Visual Voice Mail on IPhone 5

Thanks Chris,

I am unfortunately still having this problem. It has been a week already and I am very frustrated!!

I have placed several calls to Sprint Tech Support and they cannot seem to figure out what is going on.

I have missed several important calls as a result.

I have to manually call my cell # and put in my passcode and then retrieve messages that way.

Otherwise, they do not show up under the VM icon on the phone.

I am really at my wits end!!!


Re: Visual Voice Mail on IPhone 5

I too have been having this same issue for the past week.  I turned off my phone and rebooted it.  The voicemails came through from earlier that day, but then it stopped working for new ones immediately.  I did the ##update# thinking I needed to update my service, but that didn't help.  It seems the only way to get voicemails now is to wait until I get home at night and connect to my WiFi there...and then shut it down and reboot the phone.

Since i have been a loyal Sprint customer for SEVERAL years, and am now on my second iPhone, this is definitely a recent problem....

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