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Why do you charge such a high amount for long distance?


Why do you charge such a high amount for long distance?

I spoke to a represenative yesterday as I wanted to be able to call my family in mexico. I have had both At&t(I can not recall price but it was about .25) with a $10.00 a month plan which allows unlimited to cell phones and T-mobile (per minute .49/with plan .29) which charge a substancial amount less to call to the same areas in mexico. The represenative advised that calls to mexico without the long distance plan are $2.99 per minute and with plan $1.99 per minute. I was left speechless as I heard this, this is outrageous!

I would see no reason to charge this much.

Why would you need to charge so much when other carriers charge so much less?

$2.99 and $1.99 a minute is absurd.



I am not sure whom you spoke with, and I do apologize for the misinfo on this. Here is the info your needing. Goto>Services>International services or got to

Country/U.S. TerritoryCountry Code
(Area Code)
Sprint Standard RateSprint International Long Distance PlanMobile Dialing Codes
Call to LandlineCall to MobileCall to LandlineCall to Mobile
Mexico52$0.49 per minute$0.67 per minute$0.09 per minute$0.27 per minute

Thank you for the information, I am not sure why the person I spoke to gave me incorrect information. She was in the international long distance department and I was clearing I would be calling from USA to Mexico. She even metioned she calls Dominican Republic and is also charged a high rate. I will give them a call again today and hopefully I can get this resolved..

I think part of the problem is that Sprint sends their customer service to a variety of 3rd parties leading to a lot of mis information.

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