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Why does my iphone 5 keeps loosing signal dropping calls...


Why does my iphone 5 keeps loosing signal dropping calls...

My Iphone 5 just keeps loosing signal, dropping calls and it says  "No Service" almost every time I step inside any like it's loosing all connection to the sprint service and is really getting  on my nerves!

sometimes while I'm inside my house or any other building it will tell me that I have one or two bars but if I try to open safari or to make a call, send a message etc. it will automatically tell me "Could Not Activate Cellular Data" and then the bars would get replaced by a "o" or the "No Service" thing! Sometimes I won't get my signal back.... is like the phone get's stuck with no signal even when I'm out in the open! When it does this I have to put the phone on airplane mode for a min or two just to get my signal back!

I've reseted the network settings, I tried resetting the phone to it's factory settings and nothing seems to work! I have a 2yr contract and I'm on the 4th month!!! I don't wanna be stuck with this issue for the next 20 months!

My friend has an iphone 4! and he gets better signal! and we work together, live near to each other and he has better coverage than I do! (an Iphone 4!!!! I thought the Iphone 5 was better?!?!?!)

please help! If you have any information on how to fix this problem please let me know.

Hell!, I can't even call customer service without having to step outside!

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