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breakdown much you actually pay to upgrade your phone with sprint in March 2013


breakdown much you actually pay to upgrade your phone with sprint in March 2013

I just upgraded my phone (LG Optimus S) to iphone5 16GB after my 2 year contract has ended (phone $199.99). I would like to share how much taxes and crazy fees will apply to upgrade.

Today is March 19 2013. over the phone, I ordered black iphone 5 16GB.

-$199.99 Iphone 5 $199.99 (discount with 2 year contract)

-$58.50 Tax only for iphone 5 in California (I don't understand. current CA sales tax rate is 8.25% which should be $16.50)

-$12.00 shipping and handling fee

you have to pay these up front over the phone.

I have been a sprint royal customer for 10 years. I asked for any promotion or credit towards my account for renewing and being 10 year loyal customer but they won't give it to you unless you are already pay alot for your phone plan with sprint.

on your first bill you will see additional:

-$36.00 one time activation fee

-$10.00 monthly unlimited premium data fee

+ your current plan monthly fee + tax.

I already have unlimited data plan with my current plan (for last 2 years) and my area doesn't offer 4G or LTE. I have no idea why they are charging $10 extra.

If you want to add protection to your new plan (insurence) sprint offers $11/month, apple offers $99 one time fees.

you have 30days to add the protection plan from ordered date. (I got no budget for this...)

I wonder what other BS fees sprint will come up in the near future...

so do your calculation before you buy/renew because you will be paying way more then $199.99 phone by itself...

good luck to renewing or new Sprint customers Sprint is now the expensive company without 4G or LTE service available with crazy hidden and unexplainable fees.

But then you can always cancle within 3 days since you recieve your phone for full refund (ah don't forget the $35 restocking fee though) or don't accept the delivery! and 14days to exchange.



Thanks for your post and long tenure with us. I'll break down the different things you're finding when it comes to the upgrade.

- The device is indeed $199.99 after the upgrade. For the 16GB model.

- The tax is at that rate, however, California is the only state that charges the buyer tax on the full amount of the phone, not the subsidized price. The tax is based off of the $649.99 price point. We collect this for California contingent with their laws.

- The shipping and handling fee you mentioned would be for overnight shipping only. Standard shipping (3-5 business days) is free.

- The $36 activation fee is an industry standard that helps offset the cost of stocking, shipping, and activating the device on the network. The fee may be waived during online promotional periods or for those that have a discount via a credit union.

- The $10 premium data fee is charged for all smart phones on the network as they use a great deal more data than their feature phone counterparts. This helps to keep data unlimited on the Sprint network.

- Rate plans vary, but for an individual plan for a smartphone, the lowest rate is the Everything Data 450 price plan that would be $79.99 monthly after the premium data fee is applied. Any fees and taxes are governmental and collected by us.

The above charges, outside of the rate plan and premium data fee, are standard across the board for carriers. The rate plan and premium data fee are not as Sprint has one of the least expensive rate plans in the industry and is the only supplier of truly unlimited data. You can check out the differences here >



Sprint Social Care Team


What mind boggles me is that you require a 36$ activation fee for a line that we already have activated. The only thing were really doing is purchasing a new phone and porting the number onto the new phone. I do this over the phone normally with a rep and i don't get charged nothing. So for me to continue to use your service (which by the way I have been unhappy with for the past two years but have had no choice but to stick with) I have to pay YET ANOTHER 36$ fee per LINE!

explain please?



The activation fee is an industry standard charge that helps offset the costs of stocking, shipping and activating a device on the network. The fee itself is disclosed within the 2-yr agreement's terms and conditions signed at the point of sale. This is for each device that is new to the network, meaning that if you have an old device that was previously on the Sprint network and you activate it with our representatives there would not be a fee associated with it. In certain instances such as promotional periods online or via a discount from a credit union, the fee may be waived. Thanks!


Sprint Social Care Team


Awesome recycled stock answer Dan! You guys are ballsy and slighty crazy, seriously. Which is why when my contract is up 8/1/14 I will be taking my family's plan straight to Verizon.  You at least could have given the original poster a real answer.  That's such a turn off to your loyal customers.

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