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find iphone issues


find iphone issues

Had to get a new iphone 5 from apple store when home button quick working.  They put in my old SIM card which quick working after about 8 hours, Sprint store put in new SIM and now with the replacement and card after reloading apps from icloud i can only locate the phone sporadiclly.  Not sure why but seems like it can be located when the phone is awake but if "sleeping" all i get is an old location.  Found that it had wrong number in settings>phone>my number and corrected that to no avail.  All other settings match those on my iphone 4 which works perfectly.  Anyone else had this problem, and what is the fix.  I suspect it must be something on the Sprint network.


Re: find iphone issues

Back up your iPhone and transfer all your purchases and pictures on iTunes, then Restore your iPhone as  New iPhone, don't restore from a backup.

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