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iPhone 5 Activation & Data Problems


iPhone 5 Activation & Data Problems

The first two iPhone 5s I have had, were from Sprint themselves, and I never had issues or problems. Once I got replacement phones from Apple, is when I ran into activation and data problems. This is what shows up on my phone. ( 4/5 bars , Sprint , "o" )

Still not resolved:

No network problems in my area

Did full restore (plus 2 brand new iPhones)

Reset network settings

Flipped all switches (roaming, LTE, etc)


I have done everything Sprint and Apple asked me to do, and nothing solved my problem.


It looks like you have the same problem as most of the iPhone users on this forum. Somehow, iPhone has extremely poor 3G signals, it constantly changes from 3G to O back and forth, making the 3G data almost unusable. Depending on my location (I tried it while I was on the road), I could get data for a short amount of time, and next minute it would just stop loading. Check other posts to see how many people are complaining about the 3G data problem.

My suggestion is:

1. Return your phone before your 14 days is up (I returned my iPhone 5 on my 13th day for an Galaxy S3)
2. Wait for Sprint to step it up and come up with a patch or update to fix the 3G data issue on the iPhone
3. Wait for LTE that will be here in the coming months, and hopefully the problem will be solved. But I think the 3G problem might come back when you travel to other places where they don't have LTE
4. Change to another carrier


5.  You can try swapping with a retail box phone from Sprint.  Whatever you do, do not get a swap at the Apple store again (yet).

6. Make a fuss to both Apple and Sprint supports.  PM me and I can give you contacts for the folks who I've been dealing with at Apple and Sprint (both specialists or their senior level folks).

7.  Ask for the return kit within 14 days of your activation.  You'll buy some time in the hopes of getting this resolved in the time when they send you the kit and when the kit's back at Sprint


JoeFrosty, is that final solution for you? Getting a brand new retail box phone from Sprint?

I've had the same issues and tried the same stuff as you. Ultimately today I reached someone higher up and they agreed to send a return kit and have me order a new iphone 5 new. Unfortuantely it means I'll have to wait for the iphone 5 to become available.

There is obviously no good explanation for this issue but it seems to be an issue with replacement iphones or iphone 5's not from the Sprint store.


Joycium could you please share the contact information of the higher up you got in touch with? I would like to try the return kit route with a new retail box phone from sprint.


- Joycium

You are probably right. It has to be the replacement phones from Sprint. My first & second iP5 were both from Sprint. Then all issues started when I got replacments from Apple.

- Weifan

I am past my 14 day return policy. I was thinking about going to AT&T/Verizon but I will have to pay a chunky deposit, due to the lack of credit (19yrs old).

I have spent atleast 12hrs of my time, dealing with Sprint & Apple. This is very frustrating, especially when your iPhone is your business phone.

None of the these have solved my problem:


Factory Reset

Towers Down In My Area

Reset Network Settings

or Running through the settings fliping switches on & off

New iPhone (from Apple)


Sorry to say Javari, but nobody in Sprint wants to admit there is a problem and I am starting to believe that their techs just don't know what the real issue is.  Just to give you the scope of what I have been dealing with, I just wrote something up here on another topic which should tell you the kind of problems you are going to run in with 😃 :

I used to be on a corporate ATT line and never had nearly the kind of service problems that I had with Sprint.  After I left my old job I joined Sprint and have had horrible service ever since.  To make a long story short, after about a week of just haggling with Sprint techs and Apple Geniuses, it was determined that it was more of a carrier issue.  I don't want to give anyone a hard time, but man I had to give an earful to whichever poor sap had to talk to me.  People either told me that they would call me back regarding the issue or just tell me to do the same old thing over and over again.  Anyways, I was essentially able to leave because I just did the buyback program since I had my old iphone 4s still and that came out to around 300 in buyback and so the ETF will only be $50.  I still think it's ridiculous I'm getting charged for a service that was unusable, where when I got my iphone 5 I couldn't even access data at all, at least 3g.  But man I rejoined ATT and I actually have a working phone.  Just a suggestion for people who really feel frustrated.  No matter how much you try to talk to Sprint, they will only listen if you actually stop service with them, and usership goes down.  Otherwise, they are going to just turn a blind eye. 

I do know that many of the Sprint reps I had talked to were generall nice.  But it got to a point where it was pretty ridiculous and couldn't use the service anymroe or could recommend anyone else using it.

So until never again, good bye Sprint, it was horrible while it lasted...



I talked to Alex from account services.


I work for Sprint in Customer care. I would like to investigate these issues that have been posted as a possible AAA failure. For those of you having issues, can you please Private Message me your MEID and ICCID found in Settings, General, About Phone, scroll up, ICCID XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX should be 20 numeric characters in length and the MEID which should be 14 numeric characters in length.




I am not sure if this will help anyone, but after I received a replacement from Apple, Sprint was unable to activate the new device on my line, tried 4 hours and several CSR's.  After they told me to go back and get another replacement from Apple, I decided to try something on my own. What I did was re-activate my old EVO 4g LTE from Sprint.com/activate, after I had followed the steps to activate the EVO, I made a test call, text message etc.  Next I tried to add the iPhone 5 back onto my account from the same sprint.com/activate but rececived a failure message upon entering my ICCID, it stated that it was in use in the system and could not be activated.  Not wanting to give up, I called the sprint phone 1-888-211-4727

I followed the phone steps for activating a new phone, Keyed in my MEID, then keyed in the ICCID, and the automated phone system accepted both, and 30 seconds later, after doing a full reset on the iPhone 5, I finally received the IPhone Activated message, after I saw the Sprint carrier logo, I dialed the profile update number ##873283#, this completed and I now have a activated iPhone 5.

Im not sure why, but it seems the ICCID locks in Sprint's database and will not allow it to move or update to another phone, or replacement, it seems to have to be completely removed from the system and account and then reapplied after another device is activated.

Hope this helps anyone having issues with data or activation.

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