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iPhone 5 data not working.


iPhone 5 data not working.

Was first in line to get the new iPhone yesterday.  Ever since I left the store, I have not been able to get data on my phone.  3g doesn't show up at all.  Was on the phone with tech support more than once, and they said that i had a defective phone.  I went and had the phone replaced, and am having the same issue.  tried all of the resets suggested, went to update my network settings, etc.  Obviously there is an issue with the Sprint-iPhone 5 connection (the 4S i was using is now my wifes, and it shows a full 3G signal, and works awesome!)

Not sure what the next step is. 

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it takes a few weeks.... josh was freaking out too.

i have been with verizon for a month and cant believe i lived with the sprint nightmare for so long. havent had a SINGLE issue in 30 days!


glad too see the BBB worked out for you as well josh.

all i posted instructions on how to accomplish the get out of sprint free and clear awhile back. here is the jist.

1. Contact sprint repeatedly and complain about problems.

2. Document issues, take screenshots, go to apple store replace phone, have organized thoughts about what is happening. Ie features of phone don't work due to sprint network. Can't use SMS, Siri, maps, visual voicemail. Etc etc

3. Ask for service credits ( they will insult you with 20.00 off bill! )

4. When all that is done contact BBB and FCC. Bbb has very easy cell provider complaint form.Be very concise with your complaint and how much time has been spent troubleshooting...

5. You will be contacted a few weeks after complaint by executive services dept. they have the whole scoop already. They know if your voice service is good but cannot speak to data service quality so don't listen to bs about data being ok.

6. They will negotiate with you so go to bat for yourself. I ignored the initial offer and insisted on keeping my iphone 5 and not paying any ETF.

In total I got 2 iPhones and a dataCard off contract.

Paid 90.00 total!

Now I'm on Verizon and couldn't be happier! What a night and day difference on every level!!!!!

Good luck!


That is my point as well, what I mean is Sprint corporate says the reason my service is not working even with full bars is because "geographical problems" and because buildings and things of that nature may be blocking the signal. But get this if it was really "geography problems" then every carrier should be having the same "geography problems", but at my house with the iPhone 5 on Sprint I got 1-2 bars that keep faling or droping the calls, going in and out and are very choppy. Also, at my house with my old phone carrier(T-mobile) I had consistent full bars 100% of the time. But to top it all off I ended up getting the Phone 5 on Verizon and at my house I get full bars with none of thous problems the Sprint branded iPhone had. Also, every where that the Sprint iPhone 5 got "no service" at all the Verizon iPhone 5 has 4-5 bar every time with 100% no calling or data problems and even the LTE did not slow down not even .1% the whole time, and I'm getting speeds of 41.26 Mbps(indoor and outdoor) upload 13.98(indoor and outdoor) and the ping of 98(indoor and outdoor), so there is no question that Sprint clearly has network issues that need to get fixed ASAP! So after all this being said, like jenzo1 said what a night and day difference on every level! and this is so true with the Verizon iPhone 5 compared to the Sprint iPhone 5. Second Sprint to me are a bunch of liers and crooks and my advice to all the Sprint branded iPhone 5 owners if I where you I would get the fuc k out of here as fast as you can and run to another carrier because all you are getting from Sprint is a bricked iphone 5 right out the box that all you can do is use it as an iPod.


I had the same issue in NY and Chicago.  In NY I did not have voice or data on my iPhone 5 in Chicago even with the limited LTE service it was not acceptable.  The only way I got out of my plan was to contact Sprint repeateadly, then threaten to sue for unfair business practices.  I also mentioned that the service coverage map for my my billing address indicated that I would receive the best service and that did not occur, which is false advertising.  Once I reached a supervisor he informed me that the only way I could get out of my contract was to send the phone and accessories back to Sprint.  BEWARE:  Some customer service reps may tell you that you can get out of your contract by X date, however unless you send your phone back to Sprint you will be charged the ETF.  My recommendation is to get the conversation number from the Rep,  as well as, request they email you the shipping confirmation number for the return package. 

Once I received that information I went to Verizon, their service is much better.  I pay about $10 a more/month for the same talk, text and data with Sprint; great service is worth the $10 increase!


This will be my last post as a sprint member after 15 years. I cant handle the lies anymore. I have the iphone5 and we all know the 3G service sucks. I was in Atlanta and had LTE and phone worked fine. I have been given the back and forth between sprint and apple and both of them tell me its a 3g network issue. I filed my bbb complaint and my case manager is useless. I have done everything they told me even tho I knew it wouldnt help and she keeps telling me the service in my area is fine. I have had it and will pay the ETF and take them to small claims court bc what they are doing is wrong. Makes me so mad that sprint can just keep denying. I know they could care less about one person leaving but I will be telling everyone I know via social media how sprint has unfair business practices. Its not the $350 that gets me its the fact that they think we are all stupid. I have included the letter she sent me letting me know that the service I am getting is what sprint classifies as good service. A little advice sprint, dont lie to your customers about your crappy service. Your 3G network is over loaded and cant handle the iphone 5.

see you in court.

We appreciate your assistance in bringing our customers’ concerns to our attention.

As stated in our initial response, we have thoroughly reviewed Mr. complaint and notesthat our Technical Support Group conducted a test on his local calling area. As such, it was confirmed that Mr. has substantial signal in his calling area, based on his address in , NE. Additionally, our Technical Support Group re-examined for possible impairments. In checking our internal coverage tools, it shows the drops/blocks for voice and data usage remain less than 2 percent with no new outages observed.

Please be advised that we attempted to follow up with Mr. to further discuss our findings, without success. Should Mr. wish to discuss this matter, we urge him to contact us upon receipt of this letter. We apologize for any inconvenience that Mr. may have experienced while attempting to resolve this matter.

We trust this letter responds to your inquiry. If I may be of further assistance, you can reach me directly by calling 201-355-5062. I am available Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Eastern Time.


Should have read:

"Please be advised that we attempted to follow up with Mr. to further discuss our findings, without success as it went straight to voicemail due to his phone not actually showing a call coming in.  Then the voicemail won't actually appear on his phone for around 24 hours in which time this letter is already written".

Joke service.  Very painful.


I left Sprint late last year after experiencing exactly the same lies and runaround you all have. I was lied to repeatedly and told time and again that my service was fine. The final straw was when an account rep argued "So the 3G isn't working for you. That's only 1 function of a phone that does many things." Basically "suck it up". I paid the ETF. They cheated their $350 from me.

I have been with Verizon ever since and couldn't be happier. The service is OUTSTANDING and I've never once hit a problem with a 4GB data limit. I barely use 2-3 each month. Since data is the only thing I pay for with Verizon (you get everything else for free) I can control that cap in the future should I need more. It's fire and forget and I've not had a since issue with the service in three months.

At first I was unhappy with Sprint because my phone was not working. Then I felt lied to. I wasted countless hours on the phone with their tech support. Then I felt cheated. They took the ETF after fully admitting they could not provide a 3G signal for iPhone 5 reliably. The account rep admitted it and also stated they wouldn't budge $1 on the fee. (I offered to split it 50/50).

Sprint have lost me as a customer and an advocate forever. My tweets on the topic have been retweeted many times. This forum post has countless replies. If they aren't getting the message by now then they truly deserve to go under. So very sad.


I have been a sprint customer for over 10 years and I have never been so frustrated with their service . I upgraded my I phone 4 to the 5 and ever since I have had terrible data service since the iPhone 5 launched. I am done with this company. I will switch carriers and file a complain with sprint. I recommend people change companies and get your money's worth not just throw it away with sprint.


anyone got any tips on how to at least get credits for the unlimited date we are paying for that doesnt work?  i cannot use my phone for anything data related 90% of the time.  sprint blames apple and apple blames sprint.  im told a different story everytime i talk to sprint.  its amazing whats going on with this.  i wish i would have gotten a samsung galaxy......


I was just in the parking lot next door to a Sprint store and still could not get any data to work. I too have been a customer for over 10 years. This will be my last.


My service on TWO NEW iphone 5s is terrible!  One bought in Jan, One bought 30 days ago.  Both purchased at Sprint Retail stores.  Paid approx $600 in phone/accessories in the last 60 days!  Phone service is terrible!  The phones will not do any data transmission.  Every text of a pic fails, every email does not leave the outbox.  I have spent hours on the phone with customer service and have been a customer for 15 YEARS!!  I'm told it's $350 each phone to cancel even though I CANNOT do my job (which requires constant email, text and conference calls) from this device. 

Previous Iphone was on AT&T network.  Much more reliable and faster service.  Just switched to Sprint 30 days ago with a new phone - very big difference.  My husband's phone has same issues.  This is no way to treat long term customers who have tried to support your company.  It just won't work for mme in my job - that's the bottom line.  Very unhappy - wnat a resolution NOW!  Zip Code = 43215 - multiple - Travel State of Ohio for business.  Issues everywhere even in my house! 


Well I hope things get better for you.  I'm in 45429 zip code and just got my iPhone 5 2 weeks ago and have not had any problems.  My fiancé got hers on launch day and had problems until Apple released an update to iOS 6.  Hopefully network vision will help your situation. Dayton OH has 40+ sites with permits pulled and some sites in Columbus have some sites starting work.

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