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iPhone 5 still has no data through 3G.....neither does my 4S....both show 3G on screen


iPhone 5 still has no data through 3G.....neither does my 4S....both show 3G on screen

my hubby bought me the phone full price and now I have a 64GB white iPhone5 is now a paperweight.....

my phone says 3G and my data still does not work, keep in mind that even switching back to my 4S did not help......don't point fingers to Apple on that account is fried

after two and half weeks of nightmares and  working with the office of and Tamara is now not answering my calls I have her direct number

Tamara B.



office of Dan

I have went to Sprint and Apple stores, tried diff phones, 21+ hours of Customer Serivce

left Las Vegas (home) past week and it would now work in San Fran either...

frusterated and needed a phone this past week while traveling and took my business to Verizon

yes I will get stuck probably with my current bill.......that I did not use......but just a moment ago a CS manager waived my $50 disco fee

goodluck to all......I have to wait a few more days until my Sprint account is closed due to billing

PS my hubby is in charge of his 100-200 Sprint business account and he has ported away 6 phones already today.........goodluck Sprint

my same model new Verizon phone nor Verizon customers are having this issue and basically ruined my number and account so I chose not to port my number, having fear that there would be an issue

ASLO Verizon launched LTE here two years ago at CES and no Sprint LTE here and according to Sprint's list for the lauch of LTE......not even in the near future

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