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iPhone 5 unable to make/receive calls


iPhone 5 unable to make/receive calls

Sorry for the long post/rant...

I've had my iphone 5 for about a month.  When I first got it, it seemed like everything was working fine.

One day after coming home from work, I got an alert for a voice mail message.  In fact, there were 8 of them.  I also saw that I had missed over two dozen calls.  I was puzzled since I had my phone with me and my phone is always on. 

When I checked the missed calls/messages, they were all over 5 hours old.  When I tried to call back one of the missed calls, my phone couldn't make calls, so I used a landline.  I started asking around, and several people told me that when they call me, it goes straight to voice mail.

Around that time, I started noticing problems when sending text messages.  I would hit send, but the status bar wouldn't fill up, there would be a red exclamation point next to the text with the message, Not Delivered.  Resending or making a new text resulted in the same problem.

I tried powering down the phone, turning off LTE, wi-fi, and bluetooth, and resetting the network settings.  This had no effect.  Only about 1 in 12 calls would actually go through, and all calls made to the device were going straight to voice mail.   It seemed this was happening in the multiple locations (I live and work in different towns 30 miles apart) and was happening both when I had LTE service and 3G.

I contacted Sprint and explained the problem.  They ran me through the expected; power down phone, reset network settings, enter the ## code, and finally do a factory reset.

The problems did not go away, so the rep stated should would make a ticket and that someone one of the Sprint iphone techs would call me in about 48-72 hours.  Well, that call never came, and I continued to experience the problems.

On one day in particular, I went shopping with my wife.  Well, she went inside and I was looking for parking.  She tried to call me to tell me that she was done and to find out where I had parked.  She tried 18 times and each call went straight to voicemail.  She eventually found me.  If you're married or have a SO, you can imagine how that discussion went.  She was fuming and I was trying to plead innocence and that the blame squarely lay on the phone.

So, I called Sprint.  The CS rep told me there had been no ticket made, so I had to repeat all the problems I was experiencing.  He told me that he would make a new ticket, but that I should take the phone to an Apple Store.  Of course, the Apple store told me it was a Sprint problem and that I would need to talk to them.

Another week went by, and I have no idea how many calls I've missed, but I do know that I've been in situations where I've absolutely needed to make a call, but couldn't.  In one case, I was on the roof of the building where I work installing security cameras.  I needed to speak with a co-worker who was inside near the monitor.  However, none of the calls I tried to make went through and all the calls she made to me went straight to voicemail.  The frustrating thing was, she was also using a sprint phone (Galaxy S3) and was making calls from inside.  I was standing on the roof, it was a clear day, it was the tallest building on the block, and I could make a call.

I called Sprint again.  This time I was told that the ticket was cancelled because, without speaking to me, the techs determined it was a tower issue and that the issue was resolved.  I had just finished re-explaining the problem to the CS tech, when the call dropped.  The tech called me back three times and each one went to voice mail.  He finally managed to get through, but the call failed again.

With a series of dropped calls and speaking to two more CS reps, they gave me $60 credit.  Big whoop. 

So now it's  Monday, I'm at work, I have 2-step verification on email account.  When I try to log in, it sends a text message code to my phone so I can complete the verification, text message.  I tell it to call my phone,  no phone call.  I go back and forth between requesting text messages and phone calls.

Three hours later, I receive the text messages and have notification that there are voice messages waiting for me.

Sprint, remind me again.  What am I paying $180 a month for?


Re: iPhone 5 unable to make/receive calls

Wow!!!  I feel like I wrote this! Done with these CrApple products!  Noticed last week Monday that my phone was dropping calls (iPhone 5) just thought it was the cells towers. Then seemed to get progressively worse during the week.  I reflashed the phones firmware, and it was still having the same issues.  We even have  Sprint micro-cell in our house that my phone still will not connect to.  I spoke with Sprint two weeks ago Thursday, after doing some tests they determined the iPhone had a faulty radio, and to take it to the Apple Store for a replacement.  As of the weekend the phone portion just stopped working all together.  Brought it to the Apple Store, and after 1 1/2 hrs they replaced the phone and I was finally able to make a phone calls and send texts, so I thought!  I tried calling tried calling my wife, all the calls were dropping and couldn't receive a phone call! Now I have the same issues again!  WTF!  Did another firmware restore to the iPhone 5, there are no outages, and still no voice, only data.  Back to the CrApple Store I go!  Went back to the Apple Store (30hrs later), explained the issues I was having and all the troubleshooting I have done, said fix it!!!  Of course first they said normally they do not replace a phone for the 2nd time.  I just said, "then fix it"!  After another two hours of my time wasted, they replaced the phone again.  I left with a phone that seemed to be working.  Got home that evening and noticed that text messages were not going through, and had no visual voicemail.  I called and spent another 4+hours (all the same BS troubleshooting) with Sprint on the phone (with several Sprint transfer drops).  At the end they said there was an outage in out area!  Really!  My wife (iPhone 4s) and daughter (Palm Pixi) both can send and receive texts.  I gave up, then Monday morning on the way to work the phone came to life and everything was working great!  Finally a happy camper! 

Until just now! ARGH!!!!!  You have to be kidding me!  Cannot receive phone calls, or text messages again, out going call drop in less than a minute!  This is my 3rd iPhone5 in less than a week!  I live in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago


Re: iPhone 5 unable to make/receive calls

I had problems for awhile with my iPhone constantly dropping calls, or going straight to voicemail.  I had endless conversations with Sprint, in which no one could solve the problem.  Finally, I was lucky and one person noticed I had a metallic case, and said it could interfere with signal.... Got a new case, no more problems!! Definitely make sure its not your case.


Re: iPhone 5 unable to make/receive calls


I'm having the same problem with my phone. did you get how to solve it?

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