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iPhone 5 unable to receive texts from non-iPhone users


iPhone 5 unable to receive texts from non-iPhone users

I upgraded to an iPhone 5 in January 2013, and have mostly been happy with it until now. A few days ago a coworker had asked me if I had received a text from her about a job we were working on, and I hadn't. Upon further investigation, it turns out I hadn't been getting ANY of her texts since I upgraded to the iPhone. She uses an android phone and is on a different network. She's been recieving texts from me, but the replies haven't shown up in the Messages app. And I confirmed that I have been sending MMS/SMS messages, not iMessages.

Looking into the matter even further, I've found that the only texts I've received since the beginning of January have been from contacts who own iPhones (regardless of carrier). So I haven't received messages from any of my contacts who are android/windows, etc. phone users.

I've tried several things to remedy this; turning iMessage off, resetting my network settings, doing a full erase and restore from iCloud & iTunes, even doing a full erase and restoring to factory settings. No difference. I've asked my coworker to send me a text after each of these steps and still haven't received any from her.

Has anyone else here had this type of problem? I'm at my wit's end trying to figure this out.

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