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iphone 5 sim locked for italy?


iphone 5 sim locked for italy?

Hello I have a 'iphone 5 with sprint American brand, now I want to know how can I do to unlock the Italian sim. How is it that I bought it sim free Apple Store in New York and then give it to me with sim locked? how can i unlock it? please it's important!


Re: iphone 5 sim locked for italy?



I can assist. Do you have an account with us? How long have you had it? We can look at your account to make sure we can unlock it so you’re able to use your iPhone internationally. Let me know.


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Re: iphone 5 sim locked for italy?


I am an active duty military member. Last December I got deployed oversea. I was sad when Sprint told me that they don't offer any service oversea. They provided to me a great service for the last 5 years. So last January I had to cancel my service with Sprint. Before that I asked them if my Iphone 5 will work in Italy, where I am deployed right now. They told me that it should work and if not I just have to called them back and they will take care. I got in Italy....and of course my Iphone 5 didn't work. I called Sprint back....and Surprise!!! Are you a current customer? (Of course I am not). Then we DON'T care about you. I did not asked them anything else just to unlock my phone( which I paid for) for JUST international use. They told me to call Apple. I did so....but Apple ( after I paid also for the consultation) told me that they can not do anything. It's all Sprint. I called again Sprint...and of course they told me also can not do anything Anyway I liked how the costumer service was saying : we personally understand you...but you just got screw over. My question is now....Really ?

In conclusion:

1) I still have a beautiful Iphone 5 which I paid for but I can't used it.I love how the customer service told me that I still can use it on wifi ..not to call ..just to play on

2) I wished that I never had an Sprint Iphone 5 oversea, never I had to know about all this situation, so when  I am going back to U.S. I could be again a Sprint customer.

3) That is all what I deserve after 5 years of using and being a proud Sprint customer?

Thank you Sprint!

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