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unlocking my sprint iphone 5


unlocking my sprint iphone 5

hi everyone i have a question looking for the best answers..... LOL has anyone has or had the sprint iphone 5 unlock by sprint and if you did how can i get them to unlock my, i hear that they do unlock if for you, as long you have 0 dollars balances and pay on time for the last 3 months it any of this true?


Re: unlocking my sprint iphone 5

• You have to be a customer for at least a few months.

• You have to be a customer in good standing. No balance due, no account limits.

If you meet those requirements, Sprint will unlock your iPhone (whichever model, including the iPhone 5) for INTERNATIONAL USE ONLY!

Sprint, as of right now, will not for any reason unlock your iPhone for domestic (United States) use. You can be a customer who's been here for 14 years (like me) and out of contract. They will NOT unlock your iPhone for use in the United States. Again, the unlock, if you qualify is for international use only.

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