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Domestic Unlock iphone 5c


Domestic Unlock iphone 5c

Looks like I am joining a large crowd of people that need their iphone 5c unlocked. My phone meets the requirments to have it unlocked. I just need someone that can help. I called the main sprint number. The empoyee tried three times and couldn't get it to work. 


I will respond back in a private message with the account #, MEID, and PIN




Re: Domestic Unlock iphone 5c

If a current Sprint customer has taken a read thru all the strings on the unlock of any Sprint iPhone model  they will find the truth is that Sprint will not unlock any for domestic use, period. If you talk to Apple they say the unlock ball is in Sprint's hands.


We got tired of waiting and talking to Sprint service people, so I took our two iPhone 5S's to  Ting - mobile that makes sense , a Sprint reseller recently and have cut our bill from $150/month to around $50. Still on Sprint circuits, but unless we go nuts with data or international calls, we should save a bundle each month. You can tether devices on them too, if you iPhone supports that. An great customer service too, a real human being answers the calls, not a robot!

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