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IPHONE 5c Data problems


IPHONE 5c Data problems

I have recently moved back to the Cincinnati OH area, area code 45246. from Roanoke VA. I bought my phone while I was in VA and I never once got LTE but my data on my phone still always worked with no problems. Now that I have moved here to Cincinnati ive been having the worst trouble and I need to know how to fix it. I only get LTE rarely and if don't have it, where I only have 3G the data doesn't work at all. I cant get or send imessages. I cant get on any apps. its the worst and happens every single day. ive took it to sprint and they just keep saying its the areas network problem that they are replacing towers but Im sick of paying for a phone I can not even use! if anyone has any suggests on how to fix this it would be great


Re: IPHONE 5c Data problems

Sueamber1, Thanks for posting. Just checked your area. We do see our network teams making improvements in the area for data. Did you try to troubleshoot your phone? You can try these troubleshooting steps below:

1.Settings> General> Reset> Reset Network Settings> Reset Network Settings> Then the phone will power off/on.
2.Turn on your Wi-Fi
3.Tap Key Pad> Type ##UPDATE# (##873283#)> Tap Call


- Phone will process updates.

- Profile
- Software
- Tap OK.
- When Service Update is complete, tap OK.

- Phone will display searching in upper left corner
- When signal display in upper left corner changes to Sprint 3G or Sprint LTE the update is complete and you can use phone. Hope this helps.

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