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Loss of Voice and Data ALL THE TIME


Loss of Voice and Data ALL THE TIME

I'm an owner of a 32GB iPhone 5c. Ever since getting the phone, I would lose all signal. I would have zero bars (or dots) but signal type would still be LTE.

When this happens, the following happens:

No signal, but on LTE signal type

     *on occasions would very briefly say "No SIM card installed" then go away and either gain signal back or would say "Searching..." indefinitely*

No voice, data or text

To remedy I have to do a soft reset of the phone to force the radio to reconnect to Sprint.

There's no rhyme or reason as to why this happens. Totally random. I know I'm in an area were at least 3G is plentiful and LTE signal averages 3-4 dots (or bars). Zip code 55373.

I've had Apple replace my original iPhone 5c, and went to a Sprint store per Apple Genius' recommendation to replace the SIM card (which got replaced) and I'm still having this issue. I've never had a signal issue with any of my other devices at my home (still the same location).

I'm actually quite frustrated and ready to jump ship to T-Mobile. Any ideas or thoughts before I head over to the T-Mobile store???


Re: Loss of Voice and Data ALL THE TIME

Your best out is tmobile that's gone be a constant problem I have been having so much go on with my 5c I only been with them 2 months and I am ready to go to AT&T or Verizon sprint towers are trash.


Re: Loss of Voice and Data ALL THE TIME


We appreciate you reaching out to us. I am sorry to hear about these issues you are experiencing with your device. I would like to narrow down the area a little bit. What are some nearby cross streets to where you are seeing this issue? Also, try a service update on your device by dialing ##873283#. It may take a minute to show complete, but this can help with signal issues. Let us know if that helps!


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