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Anyone recvd Gold 32gb 5s ordered after 10/1?


Anyone recvd Gold 32gb 5s ordered after 10/1?

I ordered a Gold 32gb on 10/1 via web.  I've yet to receive the device.  I am seeing sporatic reports that make me think Sprint is potentially shipping orders placed later before fulfilling older orders.

My order number is DM14-O-295595**

If you ordered the same phone (Gold 32gb 5s) via web and have already received your phone, please post a reply confirming. I'd like to either prove or disprove if Sprint is shipping out of order, or at least better understand.

In the event geography plays a role (which I think could be the case) - my delivery address is in Louisville, KY.  If you can provide similar information with your reply, it would assist in providing more clarity.

Of course, all this would be unnecessary if Sprint were more transparent and provided more detailed information to customers.



I Ordered On October 8th And Received My Phone On October 31 But, i Ordered From Apple Itself


yes they are shipping out of order. if you ordered late in October or in November, you will get your phone before those of us who ordered earlier. sprint is real great huh?

here is proof.


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Ordered on 10/23 got my confirmation on 11/7 gold 5s 16g 2 weeks not bad

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Bettybritt61. Newbie

Don't stress,I ordered mine on the 15th. They told me 4 to 6 weeks. To my surprise I received mine today.


I ordered my IPhone 5S on 10/24 and was told 4-6 weeks but when I checked the status this morning it says it will be shipped next week. I have been a happy sprint customer for nearly 20 years and it is worth the wait even though waiting is inconvenient. I am using an old phone I had until it arrives. Just be patient and you will be happy you waited. I am constantly hearing others with other phone services complaining and my response is always the same, "I feel for you but I've been a happy sprint customer for many years and I plan to continue with sprint." Good luck to you.


As an update - I ordered on 10/1 - today, 11/12, a tracking number has finally appeared, though so far UPS website doesn't recognize the number. 

I'm hopeful my 6+ weeks wait is finally coming to an end.


Wow finally!! I'm 3 weeks and a day in!! Not trying to see another 3 weeks though they have to do better!!

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