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In store Gold Iphone 5s questions


In store Gold Iphone 5s questions


I went to a sprint store on friday morning and was the 9th person in line.  I was the only person who wanted a 64gb gold iphone so i became the first person on the waiting list and purchased the $50 gift card.  Everything ive been seeing is saying the gold iphone wont be out till october so my question is 2 part. 1) is there any way that we can get an update on the phone because the store personnel i spoke with today said they didnt know when any were coming in they get shipments everyday but theres no way to tell when if ever they will be there.  and 2) I am an existing customer who wanted to join the one up program but the offer for that expires on october 10th and since no one knows when my phone will be arriving if it is after october 10th then will i be able to join the one up program because it was not my fault that the phone i was looking for wasnt available.  I could have gotten a smoke gray version of the phone or any phone that was at the store that morning but if, because of circumstances that are not any fault of my own, i cant join the one up program please inform me.



Re: In store Gold Iphone 5s questions


Thank you for your message. I am sorry to hear that you did not get your phone yet. At this time we are waiting for the shipments to come in. We were given a very limited amount of the phones and it may be a while before the phone comes in. In regards to the Sprint One Up Program this is not ending on October 10th. The limited time offer of no down payment may expire but we do not have a date for that either. Please bear with us. We will get the phone to you as soon as possible.


Sprint Social Care Team

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