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Iphone 5s - best buy - student promotion doubts


Iphone 5s - best buy - student promotion doubts


I am planning to buy an iphone 5s in sprint(student deal) and have the following questions,

1) I am a student. Can I buy the iphone 5s- 16gb on the open box price - $649 from best buy and qualify for the 1yr free service ? (link - Student Deals Phone and Pricing)

2) As the device is not on contract because I purchased it at full price and i am travelling to india in a few days will it be unlocked so that i can use it in GSM networks in india ?

3) The service plan Unlimited My way, that is part of the promotion has unlimited talk, text and 1gb data. Is wifi data also part of this 1gb limit?

4) Also can the phone be used on any other network other than Sprint as it is not under contract?

5) I understand sprint does not have the best of networks. Can you please tell me exactly what kind of data speeds I will get in Omaha, NE- 68106 and omaha-downtown areas? Please tell me the minimum speed that i would get and not the maximum.

6) Is omaha under the network vision for LTE upgrade? When can we see pure LTE in Omaha?


Re: Iphone 5s - best buy - student promotion doubts


Thank you for reaching out. I am more than happy to answer your questions to the best of my ability.

1) I believe that you should be able to do so, however the pricing would be up to Best Buy at the point of sale.

2) You would need to contact the International Department at 888-226-7212 to inquire about the eligibility of the device for unlocking.

3) WiFi data does not count against your allotment.

4) Currently the device is locked to the Sprint network.

5) I am unable to promise speeds. If you would like to let me know a few cross streets I can check the technology that has been installed on the towers and go from there.

6) Omaha is currently being upgraded through Network Vision and LTE. It looks like LTE still has a number of towers to go. The good news is that after the Network Vision upgrades are complete they make LTE easier and faster to install.

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