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No LTE!!


No LTE!!

I am having issues with my LTE! It says I have LTE coverage in my town and I get it occasionally, but mostly it just stays on 3G and is extremely SLOW! When I called they said it could have been due to the storm that had happened but that was a month ago and it is just getting slower. I have tried a soft reset and ##873283# and nothing. Is there anything else I can do to boost my speed???


Re: No LTE!!

R3tha, is this happening all over town or just in one spot?  It'd be a good idea for us to look at the area and make sure that all the towers have LTE;  we can do that if you provide us with zip code and cross streets. - Christy

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Re: No LTE!!


If there is not a downed or degraded tower in your area, you might have a similar problem that I am facing.

Please see my thread of my same exact issue with iPhone 5s

Re: Sprint iPhone 5s LTE Signal Issues - REP Please

I am trying to escalate this issue as it appears massive. Thanks

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