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Unlocking iPhone 5S for international use?


Unlocking iPhone 5S for international use?

I was gifted an iPhone 5S 3 days ago as a farewell gift from Aon Hewitt.

Its funny that they gifted me a Sprint phone knowing that I was flying back to India for good!!

Now I am here in New Delhi and cannot use the phone because it is locked!

I dont intend to return to the US, but am stuck with this 900 dollar paperweight.....

Please help me unlock this phone as I am willing to pay any unlock charges and also any fees as applicable.

I read somewhere that the account has to be active for 90 days and that it should be in a good standing, etc, but I cant even do that because I am here......... Maybe you can charge me a cheap rental for 3 months right away and unlock it??

It came with a sprint sim card but am not even sure if it has an active number because I flew out the same day.

I really hope I get some help as the phone will be worthless if I cannot use it in India.

Looking forward to a positive response.



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