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Worth updating my 5s 16gb to 8.1?


Worth updating my 5s 16gb to 8.1?

Just got an iPhone 5s 16gb yesterday and I noticed it came with iOS 7.0.3. Is it worth updating to 8.1? I've been reading that it takes up a lot of space. Any advice or clarification?

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Re: Worth updating my 5s 16gb to 8.1?


Are you satisfied with the functionality of the phone now? Here's a few details on the features that come with the updates: . Tell me what you think. - Geraldine
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Re: Worth updating my 5s 16gb to 8.1?

Thanks for the reply. I'm satisfied with the iOS I have now. I was simply curious about the storage space takes up as I've been reading its pretty large. I wouldn't want to upgrade and then regret it.


Re: Worth updating my 5s 16gb to 8.1?

It's a worthwhile update and works well on a 5S. 

No, iOS 8.1 doesn’t take up a lot of space.  Compared to iOS 7 it’s negligible.  What it does take, is a lot of space to make “the install” of iOS 8.  You’ll need almost 5 GB of free memory.

If you don’t have enough free memory for the install, plug your iPhone into a desktop/laptop PC/Mac using the supplied Lightning USB cable.  Open free iTunes (you’ll need it on the PC), your iPhone will be recognized and Apple will ask you if you want to do a software update.  Follow the directions, start the install, and leave your phone alone (don’t mess with it) until it’s all done.

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