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iOS 8 Instant Hotspot (part of the new "Continuity" suite)

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iOS 8 Instant Hotspot (part of the new "Continuity" suite)

REF: Apple - iOS 8 - Continuity

I've updated my iPhone 5s to iOS 8 for many reasons, but most importantly so that I could employ the OS' in-built, system-managed "Instant Hotspot". Alas, Sprint, it appears, has blocked this feature. It has literally had it removed from the operating system.

So, my question is, why should I stay with Sprint if it's going to take advantage of me at every turn? The marketplace is literally chock-full of competitors that can effectively compete in Northern and Southern CA... Why stay with Sprint?

Alternatively, why would Sprint prevent the employment of an operating system based functionality? To be clear, this is not the service you'd previously have to pay for as it was routed by the carrier through the phone (where as the phone now routes the transmission between devices via the OS). REF:

It's just upsetting*.

*To be clear, I would've used more colorful language, but who wants to give'em a legitimate reason to take this down?


Hilarious......but sad to say  pretty much on target.

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