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iPhone 5s vs iPhone 5


iPhone 5s vs iPhone 5

Hi Guys, a brief question (or debate ) here.....

The gold iPhone 5s has caught my eye and I'm torn with using my early upgrade for it. Currently I have, I guess I could now refer to as the regular (white 16G) iPhone 5 for a little over a year now. I've already updated my 5 to IOS 7 about a month ago - a bit buggy, but not really a big issue.

My question is; what is the big difference between the two devices other then the finger-print thing and now there's a white one is available with gold trim? I'm just unsure if I should upgrade now, or  wait until next August when I officially fulfill my contract term with Sprint. So your opinion would be greatly helpful.

Thanks X


Re: iPhone 5s vs iPhone 5

Thank you for posting, I'm here to help. The Iphone 5s has 10 hours of talk time ( 2 hours more than the 5). The camera flash is dual (LED) and the Aperture size is F2.2. These are the differences in the phones beside the fingerprint.  The choice is yours!

Thank You


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