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iPhone port in


iPhone port in

Sprint keeps calling me asking for information on my current carrier account but I haven't even received information on where my iPhone I ordered on Oct 10. Will my phone be disconnected if I give them the information? The worst part is I'm on prepaid so I have to renew in order to keep my number and then once I receive the phone pay an activation fee. There goes the 100 I saved from porting in!


Re: iPhone port in


Thanks for posting. I apologize for the delay is you getting your device. Due to the overwhelming popularity of this device, our low inventory levels has caused some orders to be placed on back order. Please be advised that were working with manufacture to replenish inventory levels as quickly as possible. Keep in mind, in order for your number to be ported over, it has to be activate with your current provider. To track the status of your order, simply visit Additionally, our goal is to send the device out to you activated. When porting over a number, you're provided a temporary number until the port completes. In order to port a number, we'd need to have the phone number you're requesting to be ported, your account number, and any associated PIN or passwords.

Thank You,

DePaul W.

Sprint Social Care Team

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