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iphone 5s loyalty reward credit bait and switch trick!!


iphone 5s loyalty reward credit bait and switch trick!!

I have been going through this issue for more than a month, spoken with 12 reps now!! spent countless hours on the phone. I have went to the sprint retail store and told "we cant do anything here, we are only retail". I have spoken to mangers from "account services team" and told "we can escalate this issue and it will be resolved", I have spoken to "corp escalations team", how many teams do you need to throw your customers around to?? I am a person not a dogs crew toy!! I have been told this promo did not exist!! The sprint Framily plan no longer offered and is only month to month!! So if I cancel my service for all the BS I have had to deal with I have been told I will have to pay the full amount for my iphone 5s that I should be getting loyalty reward credit on in the first place!! ITS A TOTAL SCAM!! I have been dealing with this for over a month now and sick of it!! I have received no help on this or calls back with results! Irene from Sprint Corp. escalation team basically called me a liar and said she never heard of this deal before and there is a pic of it above! I am supposed to be called by later today by Quin at Sprint Corp and will be shocked if that happens and if I get any results. I was told phones are not free and I am basically stuck in this Framily plan with installment payments on an iphone 5s when the new iphone 6 and 6 plus are out. IF I DONT GET A CALL BACK AND GET SOME RESULTS I WILL CANCEL AND SEND BACK THIS PHONE. I have been a customer for years and never treated this way, I have spent hours of my life on the phone with the rudest people! No customer service skills and I have been in customer service for eleven years myself. If you are a current Sprint customer get out while you can!! If you are new and are thinking of coming to Sprint....RUN NOW AND DON'T LOOK BACK!!

In short, I got this promo text to my then iphone 4 with Sprint and went in to upgrade early, had to get the Framily plan and sprint easypay for the iphone5s I currently have, with this promo I should be getting credits but I am not. I have called Sprint every month since I upgrade (by the way, no record found of such calls...yeah BS) to find out when my credit would start to show on my bill. I have made a total of 3 installment payments so far with no credits! I have a new bill due soon with my 4th installment payment on it!

Someone do something please! I am putting this on Facebook, Twitter, and blogs! This is not right!

Still no calls back and I spoke with Mya from corp managers escalation team 3 hours ago and was told Quin was working on this and would call me back yeah...its 3 hours later and he is gone by now.

sprint lies promo.PNG

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