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storage issues


storage issues

I have an iphone 5 or 5s, not sure, and recently I have been getting messages saying that I do not have enough storage, couldn't even update the phone. I then purchased more storage but seem to still be getting the same message. My total storage is 200GB with 179GB available, the update states that I need 5.6GB of storage.


Where exactly is your storage? You can't add storage to an existing iPhone. So where are you receiving the message about your storage space?

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cazzy630, that's not good. Have you tried backing up the device and then doing a reset? It could also be a software issues. A store tech may also be able to assist. Keep me posted. - Sarah
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You’re speaking about two different types of storage.  There’s device storage (on the phone) and then there’s iCloud storage (in the Cloud, off the device).  The smaller number is the free space on your device.  The larger number is the free space on your iCloud account.

It sounds as if you’re trying to make a software update, and you’re receiving the message that the device can’t be updated because there isn’t enough space (on the device).  That’s a common problem when trying to make an update to iOS 8.  You may get around this problem  and make the update, by connecting your iPhone to a desktop/laptop with iTunes using its Lightning USB cable.  Install iTunes if you don’t have it.  Open iTunes and select the device, Apple will automatically ask you if you want to update the device to a new software version.

Follow the instructions and leave your phone alone for 30 to 60 minutes (to be safe).

Before doing any of this, make sure that you’ve backed up your device to iCloud.

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