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6 plus order status user doc.


6 plus order status user doc.

A user requested some of us share info for a better idea of when we may see our devices. I gathered the info from the thread spanning pages and input it into a google document. Anyone may add their name by posting here. We will attempt to keep it as up to date as possible.

If you need help and wish to be on this list post below. Please nothing personal.

as orders are received I'll attempt to highlight or something to make it "pop"

Click here to see what we are tracking.

6plusSprintOrderInfo - Google Sheets

info we are gathering:

User name (essential to keeping up) We will be using the one you comment from to avoid "double SN''s"

order date (I'm trying to keep these in order)

where you ordered: store, online, telesales. I simply labeled this "venue"




timeframe (as most of us are in the 4-6 weeks range)

tracking received (just a yes or no, no numbers please)

date received (allows others to estimate a timeframe on their own)

delivery received (allows others to estimate time from tracking populating to delivery)

*those with conflicting order dates - if you have more than one for a reason I'll try to add the reason, if you like me hit the processing around 12am you may have paperwork with one date and order with another date. This is the info you will find here.

*Date updated - user suggested - this will be the date your info was added to the sheet.

***while this isn't a precise science it's all in the sake of feeling like you've some answers or something to reference while you wait.

Happy Self Tracking

Message was edited by: Brittain13 to reflect changes added to the sheet. Also this sheet was originally created on 10/14/2014. As of 10/19/2014 we have 2 editors for the document. We do not anticipate adding more or creating it for public editing... all suggestions are welcome in the comment area as well.

1,259 REPLIES 1,259

Iphone 6+


Space gray

Ordered 9/21/14

No tracking

Estimated time frame 4-6 weeks


Jsn1981 - We are working very hard to stock more iPhones so we can deliver them out to customers. The iPhone 6 Plus are in heavy backorder. Pre-ordered iPhone 6 Plus are on track to be delivered in 4-6 weeks from order date. - Shari
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Oh, and that was an online order.


ok everything to this point up to date LuizaMaria and @MikePfromMKE I got you both added


Hello there! If in need of assistance, let us know. We are here to help.
- Yannick
Sprint Social Care


I just sent you another email with some further questions about being able to reroute my delivery. I was told Sprint *may* be able to do it if I get ahold of them fast enough. As you are probably aware, getting through to order support isn't very easy these days (last several times I have been disconnected a handful of times before getting through).

I was also told it was a UPS option.... on UPS website they specify that the carrier decides if rerouting is an option. I'm heading out of town here very shortly and do not anticipate being back until after my 4-6 week window. We are at the 4 week portion now.

Starting to feel a little paranoid in obtaining this shipment.... as of right now 4:30 am I do not have a tracking number - not that I expected one to populate in the middle of the night.

Anyway, can I just set it up to automatically reroute? If not are you sure I will be allowed via UPS to change it? Again, UPS states this would be up to the shipper....

signed a very stressed out worried customer


Everyone else on this post I will continue updating the DOC via my app any new additions dates will be out of order until I can access it from a computer as I seem to be challenged at adding rows via the app. Please continue to provide updates for the doc as needed.... again, if you don't want to wait on me to do it anyone may edit it.


LuizaMaria- Hey there. There's a huge demand for this device. We are working to get our inventory re-stocked. As soon as we can, we will be sending the device out and tracking information will become available. - SarahG
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Once the device was ordered, an order number should have been generated for you. With your order number you can view the status at Sprint.com/myorder. If a tracking number is provided, you can then visit Sprint.com/ship, for estimated time of delivery. Please let us know if you have any additional questions or concerns. Thank you

- Agnes
Sprint Social Care


I understand your concerns and please understand that order support will be the ones that will be able to make light changes to update the address before the order ships out. When I say light (meaning) add an apartment number or correcting the spelling of a street. If it is a full on address change you may run into some issues and the phone may be delivered to the original address. The route to go through is order support.

Thank you,

- Shyne
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Well order support was the ones who originally said to call them. Your team here asked to verify for me. That time I got a decent, detailed response. This one not so bad either. But I just don't know about the latest email "hope it work out for you" just isn't my cup of tea. Yea cause if it sits in the rain you can have it back.

Even better I apparently only have one area here now that I have LTE so this could be fun. Hope they turn the internet on soon. I can see I'll be needing to keep my airwave tower when I change my address.

If anyone needs me I'll be checking in from the driveway.

What a frustrating day. I knew I stopped asking for a reason.


anyone receive their 6+ without any tracking number?

this might happen..

please provide information if you received your iphone 6+ without tracking confirmation.

cause my brother got his iphone 6.. but was never sent a tracking number...

i wonder if this can happen to our 6+'s and well get our phone without tracking number just when they call us in store to pick it up..

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