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6 plus order status user doc.


Re: 6 plus order status user doc.

updated to here....

this was terribly depressing....


Re: 6 plus order status user doc.




Re: 6 plus order status user doc.

I forgot to put my original wait time! It was 2-4 weeks and then it changed yesterday to an additional 1-2 weeks. Tomorrow marks week four...


Re: 6 plus order status user doc.

Well, I've cancelled my order on for the 128 GB SG and will hopefully be picking up a 64 GB model tonight from Best Buy.  I am tired of #TheWait.


Re: 6 plus order status user doc.

Sprint is not providing adequate customer care.

Here is my story:

It is now 8 weeks and no still phone (iPhone 6 Plus 128GB)...

I placed My Order on 9/22/2014 (from New Jersey, USA) and I was told 4-6 weeks:

Product ID  Description Qty. Order Date  Tracking # 

885909971640 IPHONE 6P GRAY 128GB KIT 1 2014-09-22 

Status: Your order for the iPhone 6 Plus 128GB has been received. Orders placed prior to 11:00 am CT on 9/12 will ship in up to 3 weeks from the date of the order. Orders placed after 11:00 am CT on 9/12 will ship in 4 to 6 weeks from the date of the order. Keep an eye out for a shipping email with your tracking information. Thank you for your patience.

To my surprise, on October 31, 2014 (week 6), I received an email stating:

Important order alert

Your shipping date has changed

There's been a slight delay in shipping your backordered phone. Sprint has not received inventory as expected from the manufacturer to fulfill your order. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience.

Your revised shipping delivery timeline is 3 to 4 weeks from today for:

Phone model: IPHONE6 PLUS GRAY 128GB KIT

It is an understatement to say that being told in week 6 that I should expect another delay of up to 4 weeks was disappointing.  Sprint took my money based upon a promise of 4-6 weeks until delivery (as unreasonable as this was, I agreed).   I did not agree to more than 6 weeks; certainly not up to an additional 4 weeks. 

Now, to be fair to Sprint, after several angry online chats, during a chat on November 11, 2014, they finally agreed to waive the activation fee telling me "As a gesture of good will, I will take care of the $36 activation fee on the account."

Unsatisfied, they offered a "free case, Ballistic Urbanite Series Case Item # xxxxxxxxxxx6."   I accepted their offer, not knowing at the time that Sprint had been telling other customers via email as early as November 7th that their activation fees would be waived.  I am telling my story because I am disturbed to hear about the different treatment.   Certainly I was treated differently up front.   Does a free case make up for the difference?  I'll answer that when I reach week 4 of my "revised" shipping delivery date.

This coming Friday, November 21, 2014, I will be at week 3 of Sprint's "revised" shipping delivery period. 

No word on whether and when orders placed prior to my order date on September 22, 2014, have been filled.  Each time I called Customer service (and I have called several times), they could not give any better estimate or explanation.   I fear yet another last second email telling me that I have to wait until 2015...

My posts on this forum have been met with apologies and a vague response (I.e., (a) larger than expected demand by manufacturer; and (b) as soon as we receive inventory we ship it out) which fail to satisfy customers such as myself.   The anger primarily comes from this failure.   For me, the rest of my anger comes from the fact that Sprint took my money months ago and has failed to deliver on its promises.

Sprint's response continues to keep customers in "the dark," despite the fact that Sprint knows far more than it is telling.   For example, Sprint knows the (a) date that its orders been filled up to, such that it could give customers a better estimate when their orders will be filled; (b) the frequency that it is receiving orders; and, (c) written communications from the manufacturer that it received explaining the delays.

I look forward to hearing a substantive response, and not the same old nonsense.


Re: 6 plus order status user doc.

Unfortunately you will not get a more substantive response from the Sprint Customer Care team that peruse these forums.  It's not their fault.  I am sure that shackled in what the can and cannot say.  I am pretty positive that the information you seek would not even reach their cubicles.

This thread was started for the community to help them selves.  Here is the link to the spreadsheet that 2 community members who have put together and have maintained.  This is only a very small sampling of orders, but paints a pretty good picture as to what is happening.

6plusSprintOrderInfo - Google Sheets

So far 6+ SG 128 phones ordered on or before September 19th have been fulfilled.  We have not seen any movement on 6+ SG 128 phones since around 10/25.

Nobody from Sprint has been able to give a solid answer about the reason for the delay or how much longer the delay will be.

There is a theory that there is a behind the scenes recall going on because of some problems with the 128 version of the RAM.  Personally, I don't believe this one as there are plenty of 128GB phones of other colors/carriers/sizes currently available in Apple Store.  (

My personal belief, which is only based on conjecture, is that Apple is taking care of their own stores, their larger partner carriers, and the unlocked worldwide market ahead of the smaller Sprint market.  Either that, or someone at Sprint royally screwed up sprints orders.

I have heard others say that they were fully charged by Sprint before their phone shipped, which I find highly unconscionable and is a practice I would highly encourage them to change.

It's frustrating, but hang in there.  It will all come through in the end.

Such is thewait


Re: 6 plus order status user doc.

Im very tired of empty "copy paste" responses from Sprint. I want action!!! Give me real information!!! Stop giving me false hope with inaccurate shipping estimates. We live in a day where everything is tracked and you are telling me you can not give more accurate and honest information! Shame on you as a company!! I request action be taken in the form of bill credits and that honest shipping estimates and or dates be given. For a company that is supposedly trying to grow a become better than third place, keeping current customers is a must. If you want to grow you MUST IMPROVE! So try better communication and customer appreciation!


Re: 6 plus order status user doc.


We are terribly sorry about the delay. We understand how much of an inconvenience this can be. We are working diligently with Apple to get back orders filled as soon as possible. Please bear with us.


Sprint Social Care


Re: 6 plus order status user doc.

I'm sad to say guys, that I broke down. I couldn't wait anymore. I hate having this loaner flip-phone, and more so knowing that a lot of people ahead of me still do not have their phones.

I cancelled my order today, with help from a VERY nice Sprint Care associate, and then I'm picking up a 6+ 64gb Silver that is IN STOCK at my local sprint store.

I'm kind of sad that it's not the color nor size that I originally wanted, but a phone is a phone man, and I want my phone.


Re: 6 plus order status user doc.

There are so many cancellations that my rep has been trying to process my "cancellation" for two days now so she can merely switch my color to gold.

I'm floored by how poorly sprint has been handling this.


Re: 6 plus order status user doc.

Yeah, my sprint care rep straight up told me that it would probably take up to 72 hours to process, which is fine with me. I'd rather wait 72 hours and grab the in stock phone, then wait another 3-4 weeks. That definitely explains the long turn around time for cancellations though. Sheesh!


Re: 6 plus order status user doc.

ceclimie (3rd order) shipped yesterday and is on truck for delivery today. (6 reg., Silver, 64GB).  Ordered 11/3. No email notification of shipment from Sprint.  The is the daughter's Christmas present and the one we could wait on if needed.  Figures.

1st order, the 6+ SG 128Gb ordered 10/8 is still in back order purgatory. thewait

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