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6 plus order status user doc.


6 plus order status user doc.

A user requested some of us share info for a better idea of when we may see our devices. I gathered the info from the thread spanning pages and input it into a google document. Anyone may add their name by posting here. We will attempt to keep it as up to date as possible.

If you need help and wish to be on this list post below. Please nothing personal.

as orders are received I'll attempt to highlight or something to make it "pop"

Click here to see what we are tracking.

6plusSprintOrderInfo - Google Sheets

info we are gathering:

User name (essential to keeping up) We will be using the one you comment from to avoid "double SN''s"

order date (I'm trying to keep these in order)

where you ordered: store, online, telesales. I simply labeled this "venue"




timeframe (as most of us are in the 4-6 weeks range)

tracking received (just a yes or no, no numbers please)

date received (allows others to estimate a timeframe on their own)

delivery received (allows others to estimate time from tracking populating to delivery)

*those with conflicting order dates - if you have more than one for a reason I'll try to add the reason, if you like me hit the processing around 12am you may have paperwork with one date and order with another date. This is the info you will find here.

*Date updated - user suggested - this will be the date your info was added to the sheet.

***while this isn't a precise science it's all in the sake of feeling like you've some answers or something to reference while you wait.

Happy Self Tracking

Message was edited by: Brittain13 to reflect changes added to the sheet. Also this sheet was originally created on 10/14/2014. As of 10/19/2014 we have 2 editors for the document. We do not anticipate adding more or creating it for public editing... all suggestions are welcome in the comment area as well.

1,259 REPLIES 1,259

I received my phone on 11/26

iphone 6 regular

space gray

ordered on 10/23




Thank you for your patience. I apologize for the delay. We are working with Apple so that the orders are fulfilled as soon as possible.

- Jewel
Sprint Social Care

So it looks like this document is no longer being updated.

I am at 10 weeks, four weeks into my second delay. I talked to sprint care today and was told that back orders have priority on incoming shipments. I will see how this week going/ Would sure like to have the phone before Christmas.


I received my Iphone 6 plus space gray 128GB on 12-4-2014 (ordered on 9-19-2014). There was no email sent with tracking number or letting me know it had been shipped. But I'm very happy I got it!!!!!


AironAzure - Sorry you were not informed. Glad to see hear you have your device now. - Robert
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Only 2 orders, both from the 19th, fulfilled in the last week...  2 months is long enough.

I cancelled my order and placed one for the 6+ SG 64GB.  Now they want to charge me the activation and the $12 shipping.  I got them to budge on the shipping but not the activation.  I was already on the phone with them for 1 hour and 15 minutes and was at work, so I will have to fight the activation fee later.

Right now the order status page is saying I will have it delivered in 2-5 business days.


They are on the final countdown with me...I'm currently moving through week four heading towards week five of my delay email of 4-6 additional weeks.  An additional delay email, or hitting six weeks without a phone in my hand...tables will flip and heads will roll.


Today makes in 10 weeks since I placed my order, I am 4 1/2 weeks into my the shipping delay email they sent. Sure hope this is the week it ships.


How uncanny!  Tomorrow marks my ten weeks total.  12/19/2014 marks the end of six weeks from my delay email of an additional 4-6 weeks.


So I live here in KC where Sprint has a main office and I found a friend who works for apple back home in Cali.

I frantically tried to find anyone I knew who had a friend or family member who worked at Sprint and Apple that I could get actual answers from.  I found info from both sources!

So what I've found (unofficially) is that the back orders will all be fulfilled starting Dec 12th - Dec18th regardless of carrier. Sprint isnt the only carrier that doesnt have any 128gb 6+'s, in fact no one does, not even Apple stores!

Apple has literally millions of phones arriving any day now.  They will be fulfilled in the ordered processed. 

Yes there was a "not announced" reason for the delay which includes; bending issue, battery life and memory issues. These corrections caused the delay for additional shipping times as they had to literally redesign them and remake the defective ones.  

They are coming any day now and the long un reasonable delay is almost over!

Hang in there!

I ordered Oct 14th 128gb Space Grey 6+, still waiting as you all are!



Thank you for reaching out to us. If there's anything we can assist you with, please let us know. We're here to help.

Sprint Social Care

ceclimie -

We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you. We are working closely with the manufacturer on inventory needs. We are continuing to ship out phones as soon as we receive them. We thank you for your patience. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

- Cher
Sprint Social Care
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