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Apple Not Sending Enough Devices


Apple Not Sending Enough Devices

So, throughtout all my frustration, Ive found that the 4-6 week wait on th 6's is because Apple now has to fill the demand of the overseas preorders as well. Why did Apple think these new  model iPhones would not be a success? I have no cluse. I blame sprint for the horrible knowedge of tracking devices and lack of being able to track devices. If you received my money, I should still be able to track my device, even if its a generic message that says "item is currenlty waiting to be processed."

I went through this with my iPhone 4 as well. Waited for about 2 weeks. This 4-6 waiting period is over the top. I won't complain too much because if my phone isn't here in the 3 week time frame sprint originally promised, they'll be giving me a generous credit to my account. Sprint knows I dont take no for an answer when I'm clearly screwed. It's not ok to take someones money and not be able to provide me with unscripted information on my device.

If I cant track my device with an order number, Sprint and Apple should at least have something worked out so that Sprint is able to track them and provide its consumers with info. And not give this "please visit to track your device, please dont call as we see what you see." Just horrible on Apple and Sprints end. And you wonder why T-Mobile isn't going away!! Because you are using your customers to them. I almost wish Apple could just purchase sprint itself!!!.


Jayy5- Hey there. We appreciate your post. The order numbers does provide tracking information if there is any. Once you plug in the order number at, you will get a tracking number there if there's one generated. When we track your device, we also use the order number at Keep us posted on your iphone order. - SarahG
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