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Delivery iphone 6 plus 16gb


Delivery iphone 6 plus 16gb

i just ordered my iphone 6 plus 16 gb, what has been the waiting time so far to get this device! I know the iphone 6 plus 64 gb has a waiting time of 4-6 weeks, was wondering about the 16 gb models.


Re: Delivery iphone 6 plus 16gb


Currently the expected wait time for the 16 GB is only 2-5 days. You can find the most up-to-date shipping expectations at

- John R
Sprint Social Care

Re: Delivery iphone 6 plus 16gb

Here's the link to paste your Order # and check your order status. However, it will not provide an update until the phone has a shipment tracking #,

Here's the link for current delivery delays regardless of what we were told,

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