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I had an iPhone 6, but now I don't. Thanks Customer d


I had an iPhone 6, but now I don't. Thanks Customer d

To go straight To the problem scroll down to the  BAD IDEA  portion of the article,

  • On Sep 30 i purchased a Silver 16gb iPhone Plus by walking in to my local sprint store. I chose the 'Sprint Easy Pay' plan , and simply paid device taxes up front. I was even lucky enough to trade in my ancient but in good shape, iPhone 4 for a whopping $200(turns out that i got there on the last day that was offered)!!!  At that point i was in LOVE w Sprint.

  • After a few days of learning to love my gigantic phone, i realized that 16 gigs not enough space for a high tech piece of art like this. APPS, MOVIES, your beautiful camera roll, etc.. I take care of my stuff (hence i had my iphone 4 for over 4 yrs!) so i needed to get a device in 64 or 128 GB.
  • The following 3 days, i began calling each of the 3 corporate Sprint stores in my area asking if they had any Iphone 6 or 6 pluses in 64gb or 128gb. They did not. Not one single model over 16gb.  i was told they were getting deliveries in DAILY, yet everything was 16gb.
  • I spoke with associates from various stores explaining my predicament: that I need an iPhone 6 or 6 plus with larger capacity, yet I only have about a week left before my return ability expires.
    • To these questions, I was typically met with an unsincere "keep trying back" , or sometimes a "what do i know?" Type expression.
    • Even Store Managers couldn't be bothered to provide any further help. "Well you could just use your old phone while the new one comes in.." This was suggested after i just explained how I gave my phone through the Buyback program.

    • I'M well aware the phones are hot commodities, but if even your store managers lack even rudimentary professionalism, i'll spend hundreds extra a year at att or verizon.

  • As the 14 day window to return any new Sprint phone continued to wind down, I decided to try searching other retailers like the Apple Store or Best Buy For a Sprint iPhone.


  • 7 Days after I purchased my 6 Plus 16GB, I find a Space Grey Sprint 128gb iPhone 6 in stock at my local apple store. I call the store in a frenzy of excitement, and explain that I would like to purchase that phone, but i would first return my 6 plus 16gb to Sprint.
  • I Was told Apple would not hold the phone. I said, "what if I pay the full price online, choose in store pickup, and we can just return it and repurchase with 'Sprint Easy Pay'?
    • The I Genius said this would work.  When going to the store in person that night, the other employees were reluctant, but were kind enough to try.
    • before going to the Apple Store, I Return my 16g iphone 6 Plus to the Sprint Store. I was assured that i should have no trouble adding the 128GB Iphone 6 to my account with no plan changes other than the slightly higher monthly device cost.

  • I Was unable to have the new iPhone 6 128gb added to my account Without paying the full $850 for the device.

  • the Sprint phone Rep, Porcia (#700156?) that we called to assist was clueless on what to do.

  • As a result, I Currently have no cell phone for the first time in 14 years, yet i believe i am still being billed??? I urgently need to get contacted by a sprint rep that can provide more than lip service, and discuss with me a possible solution.

  1. Does anyone know of a way that I can rent or purchase a very cheap phone in the meantime if i decide to order the phone i want?
  2. i See people have trouble Cancelling their pre-orders once theyre initiated and theyve found their device in stock at a local store. any way to get around this?


Re: I had an iPhone 6, but now I don't. Thanks Customer d

Thank you for reaching out to us. I can understand your frustration. We would like to look into your account. Can you follow the step in the following link.!input.jspa?to=5191314 We are here to help. - Lamar
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