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I've got the iPhone 6 plus pre-order blues.


I've got the iPhone 6 plus pre-order blues.

Pre-ordered a space gray 16gb iPhone 6 plus from the local corporate Sprint store here in Tucson, Arizona. I sold my iPhone 5s and used the buyback credit towards the order (Not sure if that is relevant). The only thing I recieved was a receipt that is time stamped "9/12/2014 11:03:31". The discussions here are very helpful. The receipt also has my customer #, msa order id, and an order #, all of which dont provide any information when entered on the sprint, ups, or fedex websites. Even when entering the customer # or account number as a referernce number. I also have not recieved any "confirmation emails" regarding this order.

I thought i was getting a jump on things by getting to the sprint store at 10, but it appears that alot of people that are able to track theeir order are recieving the following information or similar:

"Status: Your pre-order for the 64GB iPhone 6 Plus is at our warehouse. Orders placed prior to 11:00 am CT on 9/12 will ship in up to 3 weeks from order date. Orders placed after that will ship in 4 to 6 weeks from order date. Keep an eye out for a shipping email with your tracking information. Thank you for your patience. For the latest shipping timelines, visit"

Once again I'm in Arizona on Mountain Time, which converts my time stamped order to 1203 CT. *womp womp womp* That places my order in the " will ship in 4-6 weeks from order date" category. Maybe that explains why I haven't received a confirmation email or why I can't track my order...?

Anyways, I'm not stressing anymore, I'll just get it whenever it comes.

Just wondering if there was anyone else in a similar situation.


Re: I've got the iPhone 6 plus pre-order blues.

Jeremiah_Connects I definitely can understand how frustrating this can be and how very important this is for you. To check the status of your device, please visit You will need to enter the order number and soon after you will then click on the tracking number in hyper blue link .This will help you track where your device is and when it will arrive. Should you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to reach out to us at anytime.


Sprint Social Care

Re: I've got the iPhone 6 plus pre-order blues.

Ive tried the order # along with other numbers on my receipt. Still nothing. The order number on my receipt doesn't even same to match the format on order status page.


Re: I've got the iPhone 6 plus pre-order blues.

Jeremiah_Connects, I now that waiting can be tedious! Since the devices are such a high demand you will receive the tracking number when it is processed. As far as the confirmation email this should have been received. Did you also check your junk box? You are correct on the time frame and we do appreciate your patience as we get all orders processed. *Jazmine Social Care
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