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In store iPhone 6 pre-order


In store iPhone 6 pre-order

i pre-ordered my iPhone 6 16gb in store on 9/13. I can't seem to get any update on it. I tried calling the store and no one answers. I went by the store and I was told that they didn't have any iPhones by the security guard and a rep wouldn't even talk to me. i tried calling sprint customer care and they said they have no record of me ordering a phone. I have an order number on my receipt but it pulls up NOTHING online. At this point, it seems as though sprint can't tell me anything but has already taken my money. Yet no phone. This is my first time pre-ordering and needless to say I am more than frustrated. Who can tell me something? Anything?



That's awesome! I'm happy to hear that you have your phone. Hope you enjoy.

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