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Iphone buyback/Trade-in confusion


Iphone buyback/Trade-in confusion

I have talked to three different representatives over the phone and none of them seem to have a concrete answer to my question. I will try to explain thoroughly.....


  • I want the Iphone 6 16gb $199
  • I currently have the iphone 4s (good and working condition)
  • According to the website, I can receive a minimum of $200 for my phone

Now, when I called in, I was told I had to participate in either discount pricing, easy pay, or iPhone lifetime program to receive the $200. This is not noted on the advertisement. Is this true? So, If I just want to upgrade my phone and get into another 2 yr contract, do I not qualify for the $200 buyback? Also, can you explain what discount pricing is?


Re: Iphone buyback/Trade-in confusion


Thanks for reaching out. Discount pricing is purchasing the device below retail price in exchange for a 2yr service agreement. Upgrading your phone with a 2yr contract to purchase the device at a price below retail is discount pricing. This would qualify for the $200 minimum buyback on iphone offer.

- Jathen
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