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Other Carriers Same Story


Other Carriers Same Story

I got curious and went to Verizon's community and it looks very much the same as Sprint's same questions same issues.  I'm not a Sprint Groupie or anything but the grass is not always greener.  It's not easy for me to say just because I already have my phone it was a full week of struggle for me as well.  Hang in there other carriers are performing pretty much the same I think that no one was ready for the volume of orders that they received and now it is just a hot mess that no one can really do anything about except let the process run it course.  I would be going crazy in your shoes and would hope someone would talk me down.  Hang in there it is worth the wait. 


Re: Other Carriers Same Story


Thank you for the encouragement to our customers. Congratulations on getting your new phone and I know that you will enjoy it.

Thanks, Sharon Sprint Social Care

Re: Other Carriers Same Story

You're welcome!


Re: Other Carriers Same Story

What are you talking about?

If its service, no one admits one carrier is perfect.

They all got issues.

Let it be upgrades, maintenance,or whatever.

The way they handle and fix issues,that's a diff story.

Sprint is now know for over promising and under delivering.

eventually they will finish their so called upgrades.

But they have lost customers who won't take another look at them.

But if u get your moneys worth then good for you


Re: Other Carriers Same Story


Congrats on the new phone. The challenge is that this is the 6th iPhone that Apple has made. There is no way any big business can keep using the excuse that they were caught off guard. I say that for all the players. They've been around for every single launch - as observers or participants. We are too tolerant of these behemoths and whether it's an iPhone today or a MacBook Pro w/Retina Display tomorrow or an iPad or iPod or iWatch, we need to demand better "service" from the place we give our hard earned money. It's great to see your encouragement to the group. I think the logic might be a little skewed; which is understandable from the shiny new iPhone sitting nearby. ;-)


Re: Other Carriers Same Story

IPhone or not,the issue alone is sprints network.

No network is perfect. But for the last quarter of 2014, in no way is under 1mbps acceptable.

Or under half that which is usually the case with sprint.

This was before the iphone6,5s and 5. Maybe even the 4s.

Yeah all carriers are upgrading, but right now sprint is the one with the most issues for overover a 2 yearyear period.

I have an HTC phone so its not just because of apple

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