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Possible Replacement iPhone 6

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Possible Replacement iPhone 6

Hi, my phone is recently having issues (broken) the screen appears to be falling off to the point where you can see its insides. Everytime I move or type, the screen gets lose and also the sensor button is out of place. I do have insurance but just I wanted to know if that's enough to have it replaced. If so, how much would I be charged? If I do get the chance for a replacement, is it possible to have a change in mind of the color of the phone? Please let me know thank you.


Re: Possible Replacement iPhone 6


Re: Possible Replacement iPhone 6

Good evening lizdollisen,

I am sorry to hear about your device. As long as there isn't any physical or water damage to the device and you haven't had more than 2 replacements, then you should be able to get the phone replaced through insurance at no cost. I cannot give an exact quote without seeing the device, so I would recommend taking it in to the service center to be looked at. You can find one close, by going to

Generally, the replacements are for the same exact phone as you have now. They don't give the option for a different color. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Thank you much,

Sprint Social Care
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Re: Possible Replacement iPhone 6

Actually this is my first time trying to replace a phone. But thank you for the heads up. But if the damages aren't that seriously physical , they will not charge me ?

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