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Sprint Corporate store forcing customers to purchase accessories


Sprint Corporate store forcing customers to purchase accessories

I went to a sprint corporate store in Roswell GA today looking to take advantage of the great $200 minimum iPhone buyback promotion and upgrade to the iPhone 6. I arrived early at the store and was fifth in line. I told them the phone I wanted, picked out a case and everything seemed to be going smoothly. While I waited for the lady helping me to get the phone several reps tried to sell me additional accessories and I declined. Finally, the lady helping me comes back and tells me that since the buyback values are doubled customers are required to use 50% of the buyback value for accessories. So basically she was telling me I could not sell back my phone unless I bought at least $100 in accessories. I knew that this was not true because I had researched the promotion online and even called the store earlier in the week to confirm that I understood it correctly. I then spoke with the store manager and she told me the same thing. I mentioned that that is not what it says online and she said if you want to use the whole buyback for the price of the new phone you have to order online or over the phone and that promo was different in store. I pulled the promo up on my phone from sprints website and showed the manager that it said "in store: minimum of $200 to use toward your in store purchase" No mention of accessories or percentages or exclusions. I told her that since this is what it says online that that is what I am going to do and she told me "you're not going to do that here." I then mentioned that I had called the store to confirm this and no one mentioned anything about limits for the buyback promo. She asked who I spoke with and I told her I did not recall the name but that it was Monday morning. She said she had to check with the employees to see if they remembered telling me that. I waited an additional 45 minutes while the store manager waited for the reps helping customers to finish and essentially lost my place in line. While I waited I called a friend of mine who works at a sprint corporate store and he confirmed for me that this was not corporate policy. Finally the store manager came back and her attitude completely changed and she said I didn't have to purchase $100 in accessories no explanation why. So in the end I did get what I needed, but a lot of my time and energy was wasted unnecessarily. The fact that employees at a corporate owned sprint store, the store manager no less, are deliberately lying to customers in order to force them to purchase more accessories is appalling. I have worked for sprint in the past and I understand the pressure to sell sell sell but to be outright dishonest is just wrong. Luckily I had educated myself and did not take no for an answer but other customers may not be so lucky and get taken advantage of. Management at this store needs to know that this is not okay and a terrible way to do business.



Oh no! This is not the experience we want our customers to have at our store. I'm deeply sorry for what happened. I will pass along your comment to upper management for review. Thank you for being a valued Sprint customer. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

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