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The worst retail experience in my life.


The worst retail experience in my life.

I have been into the store twice, on the phone with customer service, 3 times and have 0 answers as to when my phone will arrive, or even to get the order # so I can check myself. I pre ordered the 6 plus on the 12th, 4 minutes after the store opened and they said we will call next thursday and let you know your device is here. Nothing was mentioned about a delayed shipment or 4-6 weeks. I waited in line for 45 minutes on the 19th before the store opened, and then another hour in the store, only to be told " oh you ordered a 6 plus, ya we didn't get any of those in..." and told me that since I was the first to order it, it should be 2-4 weeks. They told me to check back Monday. Today I went in and was told 4-6 weeks and I asked for my order #. They told me that I would have to call customer service because they couldn't give me the number in the store. After finding out about the 4-6 weeks, due to my current job, and being on call 24/7, I have to get my phone replaced because the battery will no longer stay charged and it's affecting my job. I asked to cancel my pre order and just get a different phone because I can't continue using this phone. Then I was told that I would have to wait until the device came in, then I could return it. What is the point of returning it if I have it? I can't wait for 6 weeks to get a phone I paid 400.00 for and would've never ordered it If I was told that there was even a remote chance of this happening. So they told me to call customer support and cancel the order. So I called and the lady told me the 100% opposite of what I was told in the store and that the store has to cancel the order and I just have to go in there and tell them I want to switch my phone from the 6 plus to the 6. After waiting on hold for an hour, she transferred me to someone else, and I had to explain the whole story over again, only for her to tell me it's not possible to cancel my order until it comes in. So I called the store AGAIN and they said there is nothing they can do about it. My contract is up, so I'm going to cancel my service and go somewhere else. After being a loyal customer for 2 years, and never missing a payment, I'm done with this. UNBELIEVABLE customer service. I'm extremely disappointed .


Re: The worst retail experience in my life.


Thank you for reaching out to us and bringing this to our attention. this is not what we like to hear and would hate to see you go. I'll be happy to look into this more for you.

Please PM us using this link!input.jspa?to=5191314 with your name, number and security info. I'm here for you.

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