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Unlocked iphone 6 plus not activating with sprint


Unlocked iphone 6 plus not activating with sprint

So, I have been a sprint customer for several years. I have an unlocked iphone 6 plus from apple that im trying to activate on the sprint network. I already spoken with 4 reps. The last rep opened a clickit ticket for me and set me up with an appointment to have my phone serviced at my nearest store. I went in today and the sales rep on the store couldnt get the ipgone activated under sprint. We did countless master resets, tried different sim cards and nothing worked. After staying in the store for nearly 2 hours the rep told me to go home and connect the phone to itunes and it should pop up as unlocked. I tried that amd it didnt work. Why cant i activate my iphone 6 plus on sprint? Sprint seems like the only carrier to have a problem activating it on their network. I tried my coworkers sim card (verizon,tmobile) they both worked. I have the sim card in the iphone from my galaxy s7 (service through sprint) and its saying invalid sim card. I think im going to leave sprint soon because as a longtime customer of theirs it seems like something so simple is being made to be so hard. If i cant activate it then ill just pay the ETF and go to another carrier.

Does anyone know how to get it activated under sprint? Its unlocked from apple. Ive used it for a little while on tmobile prepaid plan. Tmobile confirmed that its unlicked and theres nothing they can do on their end


Sure we can freddie3320. I sent you a Private Message for further help. Please take a look at your inbox when you have the chance.


Sprint Social Care

I've been going through the same issue and that has been very stressful. Me and my girlfriend we both switched from

tmobile to sprint and we both have 2 unlocked iPhone but for some reason my iPhone will work with sprint SIM card but her phone wouldn't work. We have the same phone. Yesterday i spent 6 hours on the phone and after many reset network and other stuff still her phone will say invalid sim or no network . I even went to the sprint store but nothing.Please help!!!


Hi stefano82!

We're currently having a known issue while trying to have the device unlocked, and I would like to apologize for that. I would like to help you with this issue and verify the options we actually have available. Please respond to the private message I've sent you.

Sprint Social Care

Hey exact issue.  Had metro then ahh straight talk.  Now purchase 5 lines but wanted to keep my IPhone 6 plus.  Please help


Hi Sonja_990. We hope you are doing well today. Are you receiving a specific error Message when trying to activate the device? Are you receiving the same error mentioned above related to SIM itself?



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Hi Sprint,


I am having a similar issue with a brand new carrier unlocked iPhone 8.  Sprint is telling me it is not compatible with their network, but I suspect they just need to add the IMEI to their database.  It was purchased directly from Apple, and is verified by them to be compatible with Sprint's network.  I am getting very frustrated and am thinking of taking all my devices to AT&T at this point.  Please help.



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