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Voicemail to Text feature on iPhone 6+


Voicemail to Text feature on iPhone 6+

I was recently asked if the iPhone 6+ supports the voicemail to text feature (I had it on my Samsung). Sprint's web site states that the 6+ does NOT support this feature. I was told by a Sprint Chat agent that I could download an app that does the same thing. Still haven't found it, and the charge is on my bill.


Re: Voicemail to Text feature on iPhone 6+

AirWaves - We appreciate you reaching out to us. What was the name of the app you were referred to? As far as the charge on your bill, I will be able to remove it if that is what you desire. In order to do so, you will need to send me a private message with your phone number and PIN/Security answer. I look forward to speaking with you. - Jason
Sprint Social Care

Re: Voicemail to Text feature on iPhone 6+

Services like can provide business grade voicemail transcription on all major carriers.

The carrier voicemail is replaced by the transcription provider and unanswered calls are routed there for messaging, transcription and delivery via email and text.

I believe that Sprint now has an option on some plans to have voicemail emailed to a specific email address. This is another method by which transcription can be accomplished. The email is delivered to the transcription provider and transcriptions delivered to the desired email and text destinations.

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